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Travel to the temples of Bagan and the city of Mandalay on your journey to Myanmar. Find travel tips and advice to get around Burma and book tours and flights today. Travelling in Myanmar (Burma) is relatively easy. Long-distance buses are the fastest and easiest way to travel Myanmar. Travelers travelling through Burma should enjoy the green tea salad at least once.

Transport in Myanmar: Top Tips for Locomotion

In a nutshell, transport in Myanmar is getting better and better. The lines are getting better, the night busses are getting more safe and, thank God, the streets are getting better. We will use this section to describe the different means of transport for travellers who need to be avoided or at least careful.

During in the major towns, one of the best ways to get around is by hiring a bike. It is a good way to move and is also a good practice! Nevertheless they are a lot of laughs and a good way to get around Myanmar. Burma can get quite overheated, so whatever you do, make sure you take plenty of rain and sun cream with you during your cycling outing.

Whenever you do the same thing, they all let out a big laugh! After reading some of our travel in Southeast Asia stories, you know we like to explore a place on motorbikes. Tom, my friend, was on a motorbike in Vietnam for 1 months and has hired a motorbike in almost every single land we go to.

Burma is no exeption, because you can rent one and go to remote falls, far away cougars, and what not. Some hints for hiring motorcycles: Even if you rent a bike, do yourself a favour and make sure you have it! P.S. Words of Care, most if not all insurers will only insure you for bike crashes if you have a current bike driving licence at home.

A further way to explore Myanmar is to hire a private automobile. If you are travelling, this special feature is ideal for the family, as you can't really hire a bike that suits everyone. Flyma recommends the best rates for your Flyma hire cars. They can prebook the vessel on-line and are available at various places throughout Myanmar.

Whilst most folks suggest trying a horse-drawn coach to drive you through the Bagan Temple, we strongly advise against it. When you' re on the road for shorter journeys, you can jump on the common pickups that go from one city to the next. Most of them are active in small villages and in certain areas.

Sometimes, before a joint pickup departs a target, they are waiting until the car is full of people. Travelling by coach is by far the simplest and cheapest way to travel in Myanmar (especially on long distances). If you travel by coach, it is probably best to ask your guest house to indicate your travel destinations in the area.

They usually stop quickly, scream a little in Burmese and then leave when no one comes. We' ve found something similar in Sri Lanka, so we always ask the lodge or guest house for help and ask them to note the whereabouts of the school. For further information and hints, please see our full Myanmar Travel section, which has the best things to do in Myanmar, and our resource on where to spend the night in Myanmar.

Motorcoaches - To get from one place to another, often travellers take the A/C busses that serve as coaches. They were all quite sleepy five years ago, but they have recently been upgrading to quite fashionable looking coaches. Oh, while you're at it, I suggest you bring your own snack!

Though most of these busses usually have toilets and catering facilities, I still suggest you get a few things to soak up. I think this is by far the best value for my country if you want to get around Myanmar. If you are travelling on a low-budget basis, the common intuition is to choose the least expensive one.

To review the rates and make reservations in advanced, you can visit the 12gowebsite, which allows you to make reservations in advanced. This is the firm we use when we travel all over Asia and we have no problems. While we seldom make bookings in advanced, we suggest that you travel in high seasons.

In general, Myanmar is not as pleasant as Europe or even Sri Lanka. We would not advise anyone from our own experiences to take the long night drives. One of our top suggestions for activities in Yangonand, this is a great way to see what it' like to live near you.

We' ve never done this (apart from the brief excursions in Inle Lake), so we don't have much to say about it. In general, however, if you have little to spare, you should make reservations from one point to the next to prevent long trips. Spend your free minutes exploring the buses and checking their security protocols!

Whilst most busses have already been retrofitted, it is still better to inform yourself in advance. Hopefully this paper has assisted you in finding the best ways to visit Myanmar and how to find out your transport system.

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