Traveling through Thailand

Journeys through Thailand

Throughout South East Asia Thailand is the travel centre. Take a bus full of like-minded travellers through Thailand and beyond into the expanses of magical Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. Getting to Thailand is inexpensive and efficient, if not always fast. If you are travelling by plane, long distance travel in Thailand can be very strenuous. It will be difficult for you to find a better offer in a top hotel than in Thailand.

Guide to Thailand | tips for your journey

Thailand is the tourist centre of Southeast Asia. The majority of those who come to the area go to Bangkok and make it their basis for the tour around Southeast Asia. Thailand is by far my favourite destination in the whole wide range of Thailand with its luxuriant jungle, famous sandy shores, great scuba dive, great dining, affordable and welcoming cuisine!

I have been living in the countryside since 2005, have been living there for 2 years and seem to have retreated there again and again. It is an easily travelled land and you can see many other places. It is a well-worn backpacker target and everything is comfortable and simple.

Thailand talks for itself. By hearing its name, one already thinks of the beach, beauties, jungle and music. Discover the temple, palace, amazing market, shop, one of the wackiest night life scenery in the whole wide globe and of course astonishing thailandese cuisine. It is an old town, with sanctuaries, grocery stores, regularly held fairs, astonishing meals and a cool ambience.

is about 2.5 hrs from Bangkok and is one of the best Thai NP. It' really astonishing - visual breathtaking, empty of visitors, full of rich vegetation and animals, and even a few rugged cats. From April 13 to 15, the Thai are celebrating Thai New Year with a huge three-day battle of waters to wipe away the old and start the year afresh.

Vast, sandy whitewater shores, inexpensive meals and beautiful sundowns, great caverns, snorkelling, scuba-dive - that's one of my favourite places in the state. Thailand in the end of the eighteenth centuary was build by King Rama I and is the formal residency of the present king (although he no longer lives there; now it is only used for ceremonies).

Situated in southern Thailand, Khao Sok National Park is consistently ranked as one of Thailand's best, with unbelievable hiking, campings, limestone karst, cool streams and a sparkling sea. Admission to the park is 200thnb. Situated between Chiang Mai and Bangkok are the three old capital cities of Thailand - Sukhothai, Lopburi and Ayutthaya.

A visit on the way up to the northern side is a great way to travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. You will get to know the old Thailand and experience the country side of it. Ayutthaya is my favourite. Thailand has a million and one wonderful tropic isles. The best of them are Ko Samet, Ko Taruato, Ko Lanta, Ko Chang, Ko Tao, Ko Jum, Ko Lipe, Ko Phi Phi Phi, Phuket, the Similan Isles and Ko Samui.

When you like to celebrate, there is no better celebration in the whole wide globe than the famed Full Moon Partys. Sure, it's great tourist, but that doesn't mean it's not much enjoyment and it's as much a part of Thailand as everything else. You have some great jungles to trek in the North.

Not so good are the short walks and the mountain people you see are like going to a rustic, poor Disney world. Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are the main starting points. Don't prebook a tour, you can make this type of trip through the Youth Hostel or the nearest one.

The Similan Islands are the best places to go scuba while you can scuba divers all over the world. When scuba-diving in Similan Islands, you should definitely see Elephant Head Rock, and the coral is home to many species of sea life including sharks, snapper, rays and tortoises. Thailand-style cooking is tasty and relatively simple. There are places throughout the countryside where you can study, although the best are in Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

If you don't intend to prepare and eat tasty meals at home, you can do so for at least a whole family. Isaan is one of the most popular areas of the countryside and consists mainly of farmhouses and towns. It is a great place to get away from the hectic touristic ambience of the remaining area.

There is no tourist overcrowding and you have the opportunity to enjoy Thai life in a different, more intimate way. This is one of the most interesting places in the state. The Bangkok to Chiang Mai is not only less expensive but also a much better way to see the landscape than the first one.

One of my favourite adventures in Thailand is the full excursion. Of course you can come to Thailand and horseback a bull, but so many of them in this land are abused. A better way to get closer to the wildlife is to help out at the volunteering at the Elphant Conservation Center near Chiang Mai.

The price for a one-day stay is 2.500 Thai tons for an adult. Situated in Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, 10 mile from Chiang Mai. It' really too nice to miss a lookout, so don't go out of Chiang Mai without going to Wat Doi Suthep. It is one of Thailand's most visited touristic isles.

Situated in the south of Thailand, this remote isle is one of my favourite places in the atlantic. On Ko Lipe the extremely hospitable local people make the everyday catches of astonishing sea food. There are nice sandy spots, the sea is hot and the islands are inexpensive. It has evolved a lot in recent years and it is no longer the dozy little isle it once was, but it is still much less evolved than many other tourist resorts in Thailand.

Although it is a powerful memory, it is an integral part of Thailand's story. There are many great itineraries around Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Mai Hong Son Province has a great bow that you can make from Chiang Mai to Pai. It' a real backpacker city in the north of Thailand.

Staying on the edge of the city in a nice little cottage, hire a bicycle, cross the hill and swim in the chilly waters. It is the largest tourist resort in Thailand. You will find great sandy areas and astonishing activity on this beautiful archipelago, and if you keep away from Patong Beach, you can prevent most overdevelopment and overcrowding.

Eating - Eating is really inexpensive in Thailand. Eating on the streets is as inexpensive as 20 TB, although on general you will be spending about 35-50 TB per dish if you want something really uplifting. By sticking to the restaurant, you can dine for about 120-170 TB per da. Because eating is so inexpensive, there is no sense in buying groceries unless you are looking for ready-made fruit or sauces.

Come and see each tour guides and learn more about the dietary advice available at each location! Transport - Like everything in Thailand, transport is low. The Bangkok Metro and Skytrain are 15-50thnb per ride and taxis are usually 60-100thnb per ride.

Motorcycle taxes (in burgundy vests) are available throughout the entire land and are about 35 TB (you have to bargain the price). Rail transport throughout the whole nation is inexpensive - daily rail fares are only 50TB. Boat from/to the island costs between 250-475 TB. Coaches are a good way to explore the countryside.

As an example, a coach trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is 550-700 TB and a coach trip from Bangkok to Phuket 500-1,000 TB. A jungle trek is 1.000-1.685thnb per daily. The cost of a Thailand approved diving course is about 10.000 Thai tons (often including accommodation). More than 170 pages, my comprehensive travel guide is made for budgets like you!

Slicing the lint out of other guides and getting directly to the handy information you need to get around and safe your trip, while in Thailand, a land I used to call home (so I know it really well!). Here you will find route suggestions, budget, ways to safe your own cash, sights and activities off the well-trodden paths, non-tourist dining, and more!

You will learn how to take cash out of the trip equations and how to play the Points and Points games. It' a simple way to earn and spend points on free flights and accommodations so you can leave your home more quickly, cheaply and comfortably.

Writing the one-woman section for this website and her extensive tourist guidebook, Kristin Addis speaks to all the needs of traveling girls and gives the special advices and hints you need to take over the globe and remain-secure. The New York Times bestseller on the subject of traveling around the globe will show you how to learn the tricks of the trade so that no matter how long you want to spend, you can earn a living, get off the well-trodden paths and have a more rewarding travelling holiday in your area.

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