Traveling in Burma is it Safe

Getting to Burma is safe

She said she felt safe travelling alone in Myanmar. This is an interesting book about the author's journey through Burma, based on Orwell's experience. A secure map of the British State Department says it is safe to visit the main tourist centres of Mandalay, Yangon, Bagan and Inle Lake. Burma is a fairly safe country for the average traveller. Have you stayed in hostels?

Myanmar (Burma): Safe Travelling and Safety

Myanmar is very safe in all areas that foreign visitors are permitted to visit: the number of crimes against foreign nationals is very low and Yangon is one of the most secure major Asian towns, and there are no areas to avoid. Sometimes you are addressed by "money changers" and those who try to try to put things up for sale (their testimonies should not always be taken at face value), but this will usually be done in a good-natured way.

Indeed, you will often find that those who are getting close to you just want to take the chance to speak to a stranger and perhaps practice their English. Much of Myanmar's population is kind and supportive, but there are several questions of concern: Streets, sidewalks and many modes of transportation are in very poor condition.

While the areas in which foreign nationals are allowed to move are absolutely safe, other areas are not. Certain parts of Myanmar, especially the frontier areas, are owned by sovereign nations that have been at conflict with the regime for many years (although most have now concluded cease-fire agreements). Travelling to these areas is very limited, and streets throughout Myanmar have frequent points of inspection for each.

For more information about travelling to these places, go to the tourist attractions. For more information on the causes of the dispute, go to Myanmar. It is not safe to use the mains supply; you should always buy packaged drinking cisterns. Burma has some toxic and potentially lethal creatures - be warned!

It is unlikely that a woman traveling alone will have any problem, although shorts of skirt and naked collars could draw undesirable interest in a profoundly Buddhistic state. Sometimes they are excluded from certain areas of worship, such as Mount Kyaiktiyo, where they cannot even move around the gold cliff, although here - as everywhere - they can generally move freely.

Woman should refrain from any kind of bodily interaction with a monk, although kind conversations are quite reasonable. Information for homosexuals can be found here. Traveling with an infra-structure that is often deeply ingrained in another era can be very challenging for the handicapped in Myanmar.

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