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You can find your free EHIC map at - Verify that your pass is legal, fill in the necessary information, take care of it during the trip and keep it in a secure place. - Explore inoculations or other healthcare needs for your trip and, if necessary, consult a hospital before you leave.

To get health care support, please go to For more information, see "Travel and health requirements" in the "Before you go" section of our "Frequently Asked Questions" page.

Arrival & Parking Royal Henley Regatta

There is a free of charge multi-storey cars parked in the regatta area. We recommend buying the day-to-day ticket in anticipation. Click here to buy a Regatta Day Landing Ticket. On your way in and out, please observe the street sign. As the regatta and the local policemen are taking precautions, please take your own little amount of spare minutes to access the cars.

Before entering the underground garage, a visitor with a pre-purchased sticker should clearly hang it in the windows of their vehicles. During the regatta, the Haupttaxi departure is on the Hauptstraße, just a few minutes' walking distance from the cages. Good public transport connections to downtown are also available.

Vehicles coming on the motorway 4130 ( "from London" or "Wargrave") is the offical way via Remenham Lane. If, due to heavy footfall, you cannot turn right into Leander Way, you will be led over Henley Bridge and the one-way system in Henley City. Use the one-way system via Remenham Church Lane.

Access to the parking lots via the Leanderweg is not possible with a round sign. When leaving the regatta parking lots after 4 p.m., the rectangular and round shield supports must comply with the one-way system through Remenham. It is also prohibited to turn right at the Remenham Lane intersection with the motorway 4130.

For further afield in Oxfordshire, we recommend you take the motorway 4130 to the Marlow bypass (A404) and take alternate itineraries.

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