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Trip to Thailand

For the latest visa information, visit the website of the Royal Thai Embassy. Presented in Just tell us your travel itineraries and we will create an individual catalogue for you. This is an example of our dedication to designing our services individually for each traveller. Select from one of our adventurous trips and enjoy unparalleled natural & cultural experiences in Thailand's beautiful cityscape.

Bangkok, the capitol, is home to a thriving people and the Grand Palace, where the famous Emerald Buddha lies calm. The Thai kitchen is varied and singular, and some routes concentrate solely on the Thai flavor. Located in the centre of Southeast Asia, Thailand is home to different civilizations and offers great ways to get to know the locals' tradition, tastes and habits by visiting the following places, among others:

Tangkok - Thailand's capitol provides an appealing blend of market, genuine Thai restaurant, museum, temple and Grand Palace, all against the scenery of its vibrant highways. The most important symbol of the land, the palace has been the home of the King of Siam (now Thailand) for more than a hundred years and is still used for important policy-making.

Recreational Phuket Islands - This is an ancient and vibrant islands where you can cycle, go to nearby market, see the old Phuket or just relax and soak. Countrymarkets - Take a small part of Thailand home from these historic fairs, some of which actually take place on the lake and are reachable by cruis.

Until 1945 Thailand was known as Siam. There is no other exporting nation like Thailand. The name" Thai Twins" was coined by Eng & Chang Bunker, who were originally from Thailand in the nineteenth c... "Of similar namesakes, Siameses are at home in Thailand. The Buddhism is the main religious tradition of Thailand, whose name can be interpreted as "land of the free".

" Hummelfledermaus, the smallest mouse in the hemisphere, is at home in Thailand. Thailand-Italy has never been colonised by a single imperial group. More than 35,000 Buddhist monasteries in Thailand. In Thailand the clothing regulations are relatively cautious. Thailand is a country of jungle and streams ready for research. Will I need a Thai entry permit? for more information.

Do you tip people in Thailand? How is your connection to the web in Thailand? Thailand has increasing Wi-Fi-connectivity. It is also unlikely that you will have broadband in the countryside. You can also find cafés in the larger towns.

Performance is not always quick, and accessing the web is usually not free, no matter where you go. May I use my mobile in Thailand? The easiest way to use your GSM-enabled telephone in Thailand is to ask your mobile operator to activate it and then buy a GSM smart card when you get to Thailand.

Thailand has 220 volt electricity with type A, B and type B sockets (US and European style). How are the restrooms in Thailand? Is it possible to get the drinkable Thai waters? Potable Waters in Thailand should either be cleaned or bottling, and you will always have them. You should only take a bath with mains running taps - and never directly from the faucet.

Can I use my bank card in Thailand? The most important cardholders are widely used in the bustling neighborhoods and most shops and restuarant. Some or smaller providers and areas in the countryside of Thailand may not be accepting payment via bankcard. Do I need travel health care? It is always a good option to take out travel insurances in all cases, and we have some great offers with TravelGuard.

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