Travel to Myanmar Visa Requirements

Trips to Myanmar Visa Requirements

Myanmar welcomes Australian citizens for tourist or business purposes. In order to visit the country, you need a valid visa before entering the country. Do not hesitate to ask for minimum safety requirements or to insist on them. Burma Visa and Passport Entry requirements for British, US, Australian, Canadian, Irish, New Zealand and South African passport holders. Some years ago we got Burmese visas and had no problems.

Latest British Citizen Visas - Myanmar Message Board

Hello, we are British nationals who live in Turkey (therefore it is difficult to get a visa before departure!) and would like to go via AirAsia from Bangkok to Yangon. Is it possible to get a VOA for Myanmar? Do we have to submit an application before we leave? No visa is available.

Obtain a Myanmar Embassy in Europe or Bangkok, for the latter see Top Questions, tool bar on the right. Or, if you are paying a Myanmar agent to set up a VOA for you. Thank you, that makes it easy..... getting the Bangkok visas seems to be the best choice... Thank you for the answer...We are visitors who need a touristic visas.... coming from Turkey, we will personally send our application to Bangkok.

Hello, I plan to travel around Myanmar with my backpack for a whole month and am submitting my resume. It is not my intention to register for packages and I have been told that there may be difficulties in obtaining a tourist visas. What information is needed on the journey itself?

It' s easy for me to send my application from London, but if I don' t have a clear route, should I send my application from Bangkok?

Basic visa requirements & vaccinations for Myanmar

This article explains our argumentation about ethic travel: Burma is one of the most uncharted lands of Southeast Asia and is home to numerous archeological places and pristine sands. Scheduling your journey to Myanmar requires some laborious work - namely organizing your visas and inoculations. It is now much simpler to get a Myanmar visas thanks to the new on-line visas system.

The processing of your passport will take about 3-4 working day after the money has been paid. A number of nationals, such as Iranians, must apply for their Myanmar travel permits directly to the MENA. Both, the e-visa and the consular Myanmar are available for about $50 and are effective for 28 day. Here you will find the nearest Myanmar ambassadors.

Unfortunately, you cannot normally renew your e-visa or tourist visas in Myanmar. You can, however, overrun your visas without any serious problem. While you are quite comfortable extending your visas, I would not suggest extending them for more than 14 working nights. No vaccination is mandatory to travel to Myanmar unless you come from a land like the Gambia, where yellow fever is widespread.

In Myanmar, many sites follow the "It's better to be safer than sorry" principle and recommend vaccine and prevention against hepatitis A and B, diphtheria, polio, tetanus, Japan Encephalitis B, rabies, tuberculosis, yellow fever, typhoid and malaria. So let me itemize it for you.

The majority of Myanmar immunizations we recommend are also available in other parts of the globe! Vaccination against tetanus and diphtheria is advised before entry into Australia, and most Asiatic nations recommend vaccination against hepatitis A and typhoid fever, which are transmitted by foods and drink. While I recommend certain Myanmar preventive medicine and vaccines, it is always best to check with your Ayurvedic physician - I am not a physician.

However, there is a danger of malaria and dengue fevers - usually in isolated areas of Myanmar during the rainy period. In Myanmar, hygienic requirements for foods and drinking waters are quite laid-back, which is why the typhoid shot is recommend. Typhus is transmitted through bad physical and manual hygienic conditions and contaminates foods and drinking and drinking cures.

If you are walking or going to distant areas, this vaccine is recommend. The vaccine is highly recommendable for all travellers over one year of age, so if you're going to read this, it's you! Hepatitis A can also be caused by eating or drinking in Myanmar. On the way to Myanmar? Take our free Insider's Guide and explore the best of Myanmar with our free advice!

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