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We're both US citizens. Elderly travelers who travel abroad foreigners travel within Burma: At the time of writing there are no active travel warnings or warnings for Myanmar. Please contact our office in Orange County or LA or click here to get started! E-Visas must be purchased before traveling to India.

Visa Types - Myanmar Message Board

You and your father can request any kind of visas for this kind of visas, as you are still close relative of the Burmese ex-citizen. There is no need to obtain a personal insurance if you do not want to. Both my husband and I are US nationals, but I was borne in Burma, and when we visited Burma we requested a welfare permit because we stayed with our families on part of our travels.

So you need a social visa if you want to sleep in a Myanmar home. You can apply for a tourist visa if you only spend the nights in a hotel. A further distinction is that you can renew the social visa, as I do not believe that you can renew the tourist visa.

One way or another, there should be no problems getting a visa (social or tourist visa). If you are applying, simply submit all necessary documentation with your residency paper.

American Chamber of Commerce Myanmar

More than 170 enterprises with more than 20,000 Myanmar citizens have so far signed up to the Chamber. Each of these organizations represents a variety of industry sectors and nations, with the joint objective of expanding the U.S. operations and the highest commercial excellence in Myanmar. Myanmar's economic voices. We support the principals of free commerce, open market, the personal sector, full information flows and ethics in all commerce.

It' s essential for our philosphy that good morals and good dealings are the same. In our opinion, the US economy has an important catalytic effect on beneficial societal changes by fostering people's well-being and the principle of free entrepreneurship. Acknowledging that U.S. corporations already have the highest standard of ethic trading practice.

Encouraging members to share information about their current programmes and good practice for good governance in the countries in which they work.

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