Travel to Myanmar from Singapore

Trip from Singapore to Myanmar

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A Overland Adventure from Singapore to Myanmar

When you want an experience that gives you the right to state, why don't you alter the way you travel? Since my last trip in 2006, I have always wanted to come back to Myanmar. It struck me deeply about the local people' s generousness and the way they lived their life with dignity in a land that was then so secretive to the people.

However, the direct flight to the radiant new Yangon International Airport seemed too simple for someone who has a preference for the untramped. Searching the web quickly showed me that four recent Thai-Myanmar borders had opened. It is the first occasion for travelers to travel over land between the two nations for the first in over 50 years.

Boundaries that used to be used for visas now allow travel to CMB without restriction. An approximate schedule was quickly prepared and involved a mix of overland transports from Singapore to Myanmar via Malaysia and Thailand with a series of pits in between.

Maybe it would have been simpler to take this stage, but with a lot of spare parts and a limited price we decided on a bus instead. Not only did we save an overnight stop, we also got directly to Georgetown without having to deduct additional taxifare.

The Starmart Coach took us from the stairs of the Golden Mile Tower on the Beach Road to the Sungai Nibong Express Bus Terminal on the edge of Penang Isle. We started our trip at 10:00. The Penang is the ideal stop for our overseas Odyssee box. So we got to know the colorful places of interest in the town, filled up like crazy and rode around the village on a rental-bike.

One of the whole ideas about backpacker tourism or travel ing without a specific time line or thorough planing is to improve if necessary. It was our original plan to make a 24-hour slowly running rail journey from Butterworth to Bangkok, but our journey came at the same time as the Hari Raya vacation. There were two possibilities: to stop or to find other means of transport.

It was too costly to fly directly from Penang, while a pair of minivans together would bring us to our feet for more than 15 hrs in the smallest of spaces. We found a low-cost 40 Baht song-thaew from there to Had Yai's International Airport and flown to Bangkok for 1360 Baht.

We welcomed a coach to the vibrant town with our rucksacks in the back. We' re exhausted in Bangkok. We knew it was going after a few hectic day and a 28-day Myanmar tourism visas that sticked smoothly on our passes. When there was a period when we felt like in an Amazing Race happening, it was just the right minute we were looking for the right Thornburi station from which all of Kanchanaburi's train would be leaving.

We quickly got into a cab on the high street, where the chauffeur was always grinning and almost no English at all. We only had about 5 min. to get the ticket (100 Baht each), buy peppaya lettuce for the trip and find our places. Only 130 km from Bangkok, Kanchanaburi is a province city, which is frequently visited by visitors to better comprehend the country's dark past.

Monuments and musees of the Second World war explain how the Japan Armed Services used the POWs to construct a long railway line to Myanmar. When you ask at Kanchanaburi central Kanchanaburi train terminal, the local people will tell you to take the bluebus to the Thai border. As we didn't know exactly what was beyond the Thai border, we took the early one.

As the Thai immigration officer wiped me out, my travel instinct was full of excitement. Natives from both sides just stared at us in confusion. There' s no sign of any means of transport that could get us across. At the roadside, not far from the Thai frontier post, there was a small pickup vehicle.

When I asked for a lift, he was smiling without saying a single word of English. Before we reached the messy little Htee Khee point we had to pass another check point. Thais and Myanmar gathered, took a break for cigarettes and stretched their feet. Strangely enough, despite their stay in Htee Khee, Myanmar's immigration office was still further down the hill, at least a kilometre away.

For a trip to Dawei, the next city offering lodging to aliens, we asked, but nobody could tell us anything. Sometime after a few wrong moves, a man came up to us and said that a rider could bring us to Dawei for 25$ each.

But he did not say exactly how, because all he said was: "Dawei. Five-hour later and much trouble (the cobbled streets did not reach beyond Htee Khee), we reached Dawei at dawn. Since until recently this itinerary was not open for international travel, we were subject to laborious pass controls at various points of the itinerary.

Myanmar's fast-growing tourist industry had not yet affected isolated cities like Dawei in the south. The grown-ups and boys of Dawei looked at us with great interest and friendly. Dining in small, moist diners and drinking sugary teas among the local people. For a few relaxing get-togethers in busy Dawei, we were able to relax in an unfamiliar area.

More than an hours too far behind and yet the owner of our lodge said that this was the second best tour operator in Dawei (the best one was out of stock). We had our elbows touching the back of the front seat and we thought what we wouldn't give to have a first-class trainer like the one who took us from Singapore to Penang.

On the roadside, locals, including the ladies, simply unrolled their Longyi (sarong-like clothing) and did their work. Finally, when the coach was rolling into the Yangon Aung Mingalar station, we asked ourselves why we didn't just take that damned Singapore or KL to Yangon plane?

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