Travel to Myanmar from India

Trip from India to Myanmar

From London to Yangon, via Bangkok with Thai Airways. A definitive guide and map at the best time to visit India and its main highlights. His first trip to India, good advice and good customer service in Great Britain. When Pope Francis flew home from Azerbaijan in Eurasia last October, he spoke with journalists about his travel plans. Cross-country trips from Myanmar to India are not possible.

Myanmar - India to Thailand - Road trip route

You know San comes from Germany and I come from India. I often get pale with jealousy when he tells tales about the seamless crossings of frontiers within the EU from one state to another, travelling, hitchhiking or in many other ways. Now it' s jumping with pleasure for me (and many of you), because from this weekend we can go from India to Myanmar and Thailandby!

Now I dream of travelling from India via Myanmar to Thailand and making a route for a journey. That'?s how we want to take this one: the Roadtrip: 1 ) At Imphal, see Loktak Lake and the famed Kangla Fort. 2 ) Drive to a small and peaceful city - Morah in Manipur, 105 km from Imphal.

3 ) Take the India-Myanmar friendly route and across the Tamu/Myanmar frontier. It is only 4.5 km from Moreah to Tamu according to Googleaps! 4) From Tamu to Mandalay (Myanmar), 557 km from Tamu. If you stay a few days in Mandalay, please leave our car here.

You can take a shuttle or mini bus to Bagan. That'?Bagan. 6 ) From Bagan back to Mandalay, sleeping, resting and recovering our energies for a long journey to Yangon (Myanmar), which is 542 km. Celebrate Khaw Sway and Kandawgyi Lake in central Yangon. 8 ) From Yangon, head to Myawaddy (Myanmar), 440 km away on the Myanmar-Thai-Boarder.

9) Go a little further and voila, get on Mae Sot (Thailand)!!!!!!!! According to Google M2M, Mae Sot is only 9.3 km away from Myawaddy. Myanmar: The Evisa program is available to people from India, the United States, the EU, ASEAN and other states. Even though resources say that Evisa is possible for Indians, some resources say that a previous visas stamps is required if you are travelling to Myanmar by land.

Thailand: Native Americans can obtain the visa upon arrival at the Myawaddy-Mae Sot immigration point. This is only the beginning and we hope that many other countries will open up for an easier journey from one state to another.

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