Travel to Myanmar from India

Trip from India to Myanmar

The visits are limited to tourism and business visits only, and you are not allowed to do paid work or employment. You are not allowed to enter the country without a valid visa and passport. You can apply for the e-visa to get the visa easily. Holders of e-visa can enter Mandalay, Yangon and Nap Pyi Taw international airports. Would you like to visit Myanmar by land?


There are many things to consider when travelling abroad. One of these things is whether the countries you are travelling to require a valid travel permit. Burma has stringent travel regulations, which means you must exercise extra caution when travelling to that state. Find here frequently asked qustions that travelers have when they travel to Myanmar, and more.

If you would like to begin the recruitment procedure, click here. Wh-what is an Elisa? The e-visa is an e-visa, an e-visa is an authorized travel and immigration permit for Myanmar. An e-visa is an option to those issuing at the port of arrival. Indian citizens can receive their visa in electronic form after they have entered the necessary information and paid by Paypal or Carte.

Need visas for Myanmar for Indian passportholders? Passportholders from India need a visas to travel to Myanmar. But you can only travel to Yangon, Mandalay and Nap Pyi Taw International Airport with an eVisa. As a result, people travelling via the seaport or the country will not be able to use a touristic eVisa.

Further limitations are only 28 nights in the countryside with the permit and missing renewals. Also, the default traveler's license ends 90 day after the date of commencement of the license. For how long can Myanmar's citizens remain in India? Passports can be issued in Myanmar for 28 nights. eVisa is effective 90 day from the date of your request and allows you to travel to the state.

What is the duration of obtaining a Myanmar visa? A Myanmar eVisa is fully available now. If you have a current ID and a current debit cardholder, you can request and obtain your eVisa within 24hrs. What does a Myanmar eVisa for?

The costs for an eVisa are $50, plus a processing charge of $20. What is the Myanmar Visas Form for Indians? All you have to do is fill out our simple on-line form and make the payment by PayPal or PayPal, you will get your VISA VIA EMAIL and you will be able to register with MYANMAR.

The most important of these are the kinds of activity to which an individual is limited while on Myanmar only. An individual cannot work or attend university while on a Myanmar tourism visas and may only attend tours, attend visits to a friend or relative, or take classes in Yogic among other similar occupations.

You must have a visas validity at least six month before entering the country as soon as you are prepared to use your visas. A lot of respondents think that this improves their chances of getting a visas at the first attempt. What does my eVisa look like? Mr Carlson's report is just one example of people's satisfaction:

"I tried to get an India two day visas on their website. For Myanmar visas, click here.

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