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Burma Tours & Travel from Australia. Myanmar enters a new era of hope and optimism from an eventful past. The reports I have seen here show that travel agencies charge more for a visa than the embassies. A Myanmar tour with Collette, with its captivating culture and amazing history, is a great way to experience a fascinating country. You can contact our travel experts!


Wellcome to the homepage of the Embassy of Australia in Myanmar. These pages contain information on international travel abroad, information on visa and migration, information on Australia's external policies and aid programmes, and general information on Australia. Now the Embassy of Australia is in Vantage Tower.

Entries for the Australia Awards 2019 Fellowships Admission closes on April 30, 2018! At Myanmar, Australia Awards fellowships are available only for Master's degree programs. By studying and researching, the beneficiaries are developing the abilities and know-how to promote transformation and establish lasting relationships between the Australian population. Candidates are judged on their technical and individual strengths, academical expertise and, above all, their ability to influence Myanmar's growth challenge.

The Australian government is profoundly worried about the escalation of violent events in the state of Rakhine in Myanmar and the resulting human rights crises in Myanmar and Bangladesh. From the Myanmar government we call for caution, civil population security and unhindered entry for aid agencies. Aware of the great strain that the Bangladesh dispute has placed on Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, the United Nations estimate that over 270,000 persons have passed the line to avoid the Rakhine state war. The Australians will make up to $5 million available to react to the economic downturn. We will help to ensure that up to 300,000 livesaving foods are supplied. Australia's Bangladesh is supported by the World Feeding Programme and the International Organization for Migration.

Australia will work with the Red Cross in Myanmar to help people affected by the war. These funds will increase Australia's aid to Rohingya and the affected municipalities in Myanmar and Bangladesh to over $50 million since 2012. The Australian government is extremely worried about the escalating level of violent incidents in Rakhine state, with worrying stories that civil people have been targetted and towns burnt down.

Rakhine State emphasises the urgent need to implement the Rakhine State Consultative Commission's proposals as fully and as quickly as possible. Myanmar is willing to assist Australia in this area. It will only exacerbate the many and varied demands on Rakhine's state in terms of aggravation.

It is not the answer to the challenge of the state of Rakhine. That is why we are supporting these endeavours to re-establish a stable, peaceful and hopeful state for all in Rakhine. The 2017-2018 programme has now been completed. A$60, 000 of DAP funds will be made available for up to 60,000 for those most in need in the communities, which include those most at risk or disadvantage.

Our programme in Myanmar is particularly livelihood oriented. Find out more about the programme. This new scale of charges is available on the website of the Aussie Passport Office. The notary' s charges will be increased from 1 January 2018. "Undergraduates from five Australia colleges will be studying a wide variety of disciplines, among them law studies in the municipality, economics and architecture," said Ambassador Nicholas Coppel, Yangon Embassy of Australia.

"The new Colombo Plan Student Exchange program will bring new insight and insight into Myanmar and new lifelong friendships," said Ambassador Coppel. The new Colombo Plan 2017 Student Exchange Project in Myanmar will bring together Australia's graduate and graduate student exchange programs at Yangon Technological University and the University of Yangon. They will be studying architecture as well as law English and Myanmar's political economy.

"This is an interesting project that demonstrates the many possibilities for Australia's university and university graduates to enhance their experience of Myanmar through studies and internships," said Ambassador Coppel. Myanmar's Embassy now has an offical Facebook page. Under the auspices of Save the Children, Australia, and UN agencies, Australia will work with 300,000 beneficiaries to offer transitional accommodation, clean sanitation and medical services.

As of 18 May 2015, visa requests for Australia must be submitted to the Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC), Yangon. I' m happy to present myself as Australia's new ambassador to Myanmar. We have long-standing relations with Myanmar and have had a permanent expatriate representation in Yangon since the Embassy opened in 1952.

Australian-Myanmar investments and trading are increasing, with the support of the Australian Commerce Commission (Austrade) at the Embassy. Educational relationships, such as the Australia Awards Scholarships and the New Colombo Plan, are growing relationships between the communities in our world.

In Myanmar, Australia continues to support the country's efforts to promote democracy and economy reforms for the good of the Burmese population. We are now working together on a humble programme of defense in the areas of relief, aid and peace-keeping, and on the policing activities of the Australian Federal Border Guard at the Embassy, focusing on the fight against drugs, the fight against smuggling of persons and cross-border criminality.

As an ambassador, I look forward to promoting relations between Australia and Myanmar. The directive will never allow anyone who comes to Australia without a permit by illegal means by sea to settle in Australia. An information leaflet is available in English and Myanmar. For more information, please contact the Australian Customs and Border Services, which provides information in English, Myanmar and other langua-ge.

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