Travel to Mogok

Journey to Mogok

His need to reach the PATHEINGYI community, MADAYA community, SINTGU community, THA BEIK KYIN community (we do not go via PYIN U LWIN street) MOGOK. Anybody know if you need another permit to go to Mogok? Well-known under the name "Ruby Land", the city produces the best rubies in the world. Was anyone in Mogok?


In the last JULY (2015), when the writer has the opportunity to meet two Swiss customers to see MOGOK, it will already be the rainy period. His need to access the Patheingji community, MADAYA community, SINTGU community, THA BEIK KYIN community (we do not go via PYIN U LWIN street) MOGOK.

As we get closer to the THA BEIK KYIN Township, it starts to ride in the woods and it runs on a mountain path. It' a good view for us, as it is surrounded by rainforest. The PHAW DAW Checkpoint in THA BEIK KYIN Township is reached after 3 hours driv.

The customer's specific travel authorisation and pass must be presented at the checkpoint. From the checkpoint after 2 hours in the woods you reach the SHWE NYAUNG BIN campsite, where you can have your meal. There were many vehicles stopping at the warehouse for lunches, the warehouse has small car park for customers under the big Banyan boom that call during SHWE NYAUNG BIN warehouse.

Both restaurants serve Myanmar cuisine, China cuisine, Shan cuisine and the speciality is KYA ZAN CHET (Vermicelli soup), which most guests taste as a MOGOK speciality. The SHWE NYAUNG BIN is a large bayan that is more than 100 years old and stands for the visitor of the MOGOK.

You have to travel about 3 hours from this campsite to MOGOK in the woods and will go through some towns along the way. You have to traverse many of the bridge and many curves of the mound to get to MOGOK. We' ll get to MOGOK around 17.00.

There are mountains around the city and large ponds in the centre of the city. He' s very clever and has a lot of experience to go to MOGOK. He' s MYAT MIN from Mandalay, he goes to MOGOK more than 5x. He also knows the MOGOK areas very well, he can ride without a card from MOGOK, as he has been to MOGOK many a time.

We' re visiting our friendly Htun US, who is a MOGOK indigenous and writer of about the MOGOK. He' also an artisan of gemstone paintings. Our tour ends after check-in at our Motel MOGOK MOTEL on the banks of MOGOK LAKE. At the MOTEL you can have your evening meal.

Since MOGOK is encircled by high mountains, there are also many people living on the mountains. KACHIN group LISU hillstrige, Shian group PA Long hilltrige and Shian nationally live around the Mogok. The Chinese, Nepalese, Bengalese and other Myanmar natives live in the town MOGOK.

MOGOK' renowned gemstones call, ruby, sapphire, amethyst, aquamarine, peridot, quartz, spinal, topaz, white sapphire, zircon and other gemstones can be found around Mount MOGOK. There are many gem mining sites because of this capability. These large and small gem mine, the cooperative large gem mine, work 24 hours a night.

In the mornings and evenings the most popular gemstone fairs take place for about 3 hours each. Bernard's Gemesmarkt runs once every 5th week. You can still see the 120-year-old UK whorehouse and the old caches that line up in the YWA THAYA town.

In 1886 the Britons occupy MOGOK and found the town of Bernard's, now called YWA Thai. It' an hour away from MOGOK. Locals call the gemstone store HTAR PWE at MOGOK. Visiting the gemstone fair is really nice. If you are applying the gemstone agency at MOGOK, you can go to privately-owned or state-owned JV Mining.

You may be granted permission by the Bureau to view the privately owned or jointly owned Mine. We also have the opportunity to get permission with the help of my buddy V. HTUN United. We have two gems niner to attend on this applica. Dining at MOGOK is usually like eating at SHAN.

You can also eat some smorgasbord of mogok. You can even see some small stalls in the MOGOK. You can also savour some of the typical dishes such as TOFU, sticky white biscuits and inlays. LISU's mountain peoples produce the best in MOGOK.

Departure from Mandalay, departure for Madaya. You will then go through the municipality of Sint Gu, on the way you can see the paddy fields that provide sprinkling waters. Arrival at the checkpoint Phaw Daw around 12.00 o'clock in the Township Tha Beik Kyin.

You will reach Shwe Nyaung Bin after a 2 hour ride in the woods for noon. After that you ride about 3 hours in the woods on the hills. Come to MOGOK. Checking in at MOGOK MOTEL, supper at DAW SHAN restaurant, where you became known for SHAN cuisine. Accommodation at MOTEL.

02, morning 06:00, ride to Bernard's precious stone fair (one hour ride from MOGOK. Attend the square, the YWA THA YA to see the 120 year old UK kausoleum and the old UK cachesite and the LISU hill trip settlement. Return to MOGOK at 09.00 o'clock, request to see the mine in the gemstone department.

We will have luncheon at the JODU China Rest. In the afternoon we head to the Ruby Dragon JV Mine (one hour ride from MOGOK Downtown). When you have visited the mine, return to MOGOK to the PAN CHAN gems fair, then go along the MOGOK city centre and diner at MOTEL Restaurante, stay at MOTEL.

You will then go to the Htay Pai Ruby Mine. 2-hour ride from MOGOK. When you have visited the mine, you' ll go to the town of Ballone Gyi to see how some of its inhabitants are looking for quiet gemstones made from mine debris. KYAUK PYATHA PLAGODA kyauk pyatha plagoda (1 hour drive), which has placed the coupé beautifully on the rocks and with wonderful surroundings.

Afterwards we go to the DAW NAN KYI TAUNG, where only a hill cannot find the gemstones in the MOGOK areas. The monk will tell you why the rock will not be found in this area when you are there. Afterwards you will go to the town of KYA PYIN, where you can eat your dinner in the CONNER China food-stall.

Then, you will go to MOGOK to see some of the best known Buddha pictures, such as the PHAUNG DAW U and CHAN THA GYI Pagods, where the valuable MOGOK rocks are attached to Buddha pictures. PADAMYA and SHWE GU GYI also had good experiences with the MOGOK. Back to the motel, supper in the MOTEL, overnight stay in the MOGOK.

MOGOK is back in Mandalay after two outings. From MOTEL after breakfasts, departure from MOTEL at 08.00. It is the last opportunity to stop at the gem trade on the way to Mandalay before you leave MOGOK. This place is called MOVIES HALL gemstones retail store.

It looks like the roadside stands that sell the gemstones as a vegetable. Only at MOGOK you can sell gemstones at the roadside. That'?s the good thing about visiting MOGOK, I think. From MOGOK we reach the SHWE NYAUNG BIN Camps where we had our lunches when we arrived in MOGOK.

Be a few moments for the refreshments and the purchase of MOGOK souvenirs. We then return to the PHAW DAW checkpoint to tell the migration officials that we are returning from MOGOK. Passing the checkpoint for luncheon in the town of CHAUNG GYI on the way to MANDALAY. WHEN you leave about 2 hours after the end of your midday break, you will return to MANDALAY.

Includes all accommodations, all food, charges for permits, charges for the gemstone agency, charges for guides, all guidebook charges and clean tap running every day and steep and steeples. Travelling insurances, health services, non-alcoholic and alcohol beverages, as well as private items such as telephone calls and massages.

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