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Other requirements must be met when applying for a visa. It is easiest to get an electronic visa.

mm. Embassy of Myanmar London; US citizen: U.S. citizens require a visa to enter Burma, and this visa can be applied for at the Burmese embassy or through an online system. U.S. citizens require a visa to enter Myanmar.

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Conflict between the Burmese authorities and various national minorities is continuing in several Burmese frontier areas. Antipersonnel mines represent an added threat in some frontier areas. Fights are still occasionally fought in Kachin State and North Shan State, also along the Burmese-Chinese frontier. There have also been past battles between gouvernment troops and insurgent groups along Burma's Indian-Thai frontier.

Intensive battles between Burma's army and civilian groups erupted in February 2015 in the self-governing Kokang Krai in the north of Shan State. As a result, the regime proclaimed a state of exception and introduced the rules of war in the self-governing Kokang area. A large number of civil people have escaped the area and have taken shelter in Lashio, the biggest city in the north of Shan State, and across the Chinese-Borders.

Assaults on the National Red Cross convoy in the Kokang region have wounded aid workers. 3. In addition, the recent clash between the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and the Myanmar army continues to threaten the civilian population. In Burma, there have been intermittent bombings, primarily directed at official houses and cars. A hard-line fraction of an international community placed five munitions in Yangon and Mandalay in October 2013.

Two people were murdered and four wounded in the blast, one of them an American national. By 2014, or otherwise, IEDs blew up all over Burma, in the Mandalay Division, Kayin and Mon states, among others. US citizens living in or travelling to Burma are being warned by the State Department against the general election in November 2015.

US citizens are called upon to be cautious and to keep up to date on the pre-election world. State Department advises US citizens to keep a high degree of safety-consciousness. U.S. citizens should shun overcrowded squares, such as large open meetings, rallies and all areas closed off by law enforcement agencies.

During their stay in Burma, US citizens should keep a close eye on press coverage and information about the changing international financial and political environment. A number of limitations apply to the areas in which visitors are allowed to travel. There is a register of areas where travel is allowed at the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

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