Travel to Burma from uk

Trip to Burma from Great Britain

Butchromie & kent drop burma tours. Use of plugs from Great Britain in Myanmar/Burma. You will probably only find "G" type plugs in the UK. Contact one of our Burma specialists.

This is the key element of the Cambridge Alumni Travel Programme.

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Departure from Dublin on the night-trip to Burma. After arriving in Burma, you will be welcomed at the Burma International Airports by our resident agent before being taken to your Yangon based accommodation for the next two days. Spend an afternoons at your own disposal while you stay in your own property and get to know your area.

At the end of your stay in your hotels you will be accompanied by your tour leader to discover Yangon town. In the afternoon, after luncheon at a nearby Chinese food court, you' ll be taken to the historical Shwedagon Pagoda, which sits almost 98 metres above the town. Leave your motel early in the mornings for your brief in-house trip to Bagan, the "City of Four Million Pagodas", where you will stay for the next two-night.

On the way to your hotels you will discover the temple and the area. We will have lunch in a typical Myanmar house so you can have a real meal, followed by the possibility to go to a traditional crafts and paint shop before check-in at your accommodation on the bank of the Ayeyarwady River.

Start the day with a trip to Phwar Saw Village, which offers you the chance to experience Burma's outback. Before the rest of the afternoons, you can have an evenings free time, you can have your own meal in a typical dinnerroom. Chill out in the motel and take advantage of the facilities or, if you want an unbiased tour, your tour leader will be at your side with advice and assistance.

Early today we leave for Mandalay. On the way you will stop at a nearby botanical garden before reaching the breathtaking Mt Popa, the sacred pre-Buddhist headquarter and an important place of adoration. From the hilltop, the views of the church are the most spectacular.

It' particularly noticeable from the Popa Mountain Resort patio, where your dinner will take place today. Later departure for Mandalay, arrival in the evening. You will ride the classical cycle rickshae through the Mandalay roads this mornings. Inclusive breakfasts and lunches while visiting a wide range of basic outdoor stands and busy teahouses and savouring some of the meals and treats Mandalay has to offer. Come on in and try the local cuisine.

In the afternoons we will visit the Shwenandaw Kyaung & Kuthodaw Pagoda and observe the craftsmen at work. The lunch is served in a typical lunchroom. Out of all the cave shrines in Shan State, those in Pindaya are the most spectacular and there are more than 8000 Buddha sculptures decorating the many caverns in various forms and dimensions and ranging from century-old to almost new.

It will be customary to visit the cave and have dinner at the locals restaurants. You will leave your motel this mornings and head to Inle Lake, where you will visit Shwe Yaung Pyay Kyaung Monastery, famous for its magnificent ovals. Once at your accommodation at your own personal ferry to visit it.

Transfers to your accommodation after luncheon at a nearby eatery. They have free lazy days to get settled and take advantage of the hotel's facilities. If you would like to participate in an tour of your own choosing, your tour leader will be at your disposal. Locally, the 5-day shopping center spins between the cities in the Inle Lake area and is a great place to watch the many different ethnical groups that buy and distribute their goods.

You' re returning to Yangon this mornin' on an interoffice plane from Heho. You will be transferred to your accommodation where you will have the remainder of the afternoon free to relax and take advantage of the hotel's facilities before returning to the Dublin International Centre for your Dublin flights in the evenings. Arrival in Dublin after your unique journey to Burma.

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