Travel to Burma from uk

Trip to Burma from Great Britain

Get lost in Myanmar's Buddhist culture and historical beauty. Obtain travel health cover to Burma from Direct Travel-Insurances. Obtain travel health cover to Burma from Direct Travel-Insurances. Travelling to the major touristic areas of Pagan, Inle Lake and Mandalay is generally secure. Travelling to almost all other parts of Myanmar is allowed, although transport is inconvenient.

Sandoway, Taunggyi and Pagan Resort also have them.

Telelex systems are available to business people in the major hotel, but not to the general population 220/230 Volt AC, 50Hz. There are many establishments offering traditional cuisines in China and India. Restricted travel holders of a passport that has been granted by the Taipei authorities of China, unless they hold a specific affirmation in lieu of an oath that has been given by a Myanmar embassy abroad.

Identity card which must be in force for at least six month after the date of travel requested by all. For every infant over seven years of age a separate entry is necessary, even if they travel with their parents' passports. Touristic vouchers are issued for two month from the date of issuance for a stay of 28 nights in Myanmar.

Transaction visa is issued for three month from the date of issuance for a stay of 10 week and can be extended individually for up to 12 month. Throughout the world passports are issued for 24h. c) Applicable Visa. Socio-visit ( "visiting Myanmar " with family and friends): c) Applicable Visa. f ) Letters of invitations from Myanmar residents' acquaintances or family.

You can get a residence visa once in Myanmar at the immigration office. US$10, also in FECs (Foreign Exchange Certificates; see also our Currency section for details). Travellers should be careful when visiting Myanmar and should not travel to the Myanmar side of the Myanmar-Thai/Boarder.

Travellers should be mindful of the terrorist threats in Myanmar. Myanmar's policy is still uncertain and free movements and expressions are severely restricted. You can also make a payment in US dollar, but only in companies (e.g. hotel, train station, airline) that have an offical licence to receive US can.

Whenever possible, it is wise to convert US dollars to Kyats instead of the FEC, as the FEC usually has a worse than Kyats/Euro. Travellers' checks in US dollars can only be converted into foreign currency and not directly into Kyats, as opposed to US dollar coin. Travellers should take travellers' checks in US dollars or pounds sterling to prevent extra currency surcharges.

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