Travel to Burma from Thailand

Trip from Thailand to Burma

The Mae Sot is the most comfortable land route between Myanmar and Thailand. Whilst you may be able to travel via Tachileik, there is a section in Myanmar that foreign tourists are not allowed to travel on by bus, so you will have to fly. I have to go to Chiang Mai and further to Chiang Rai, because I have to enter Thailand to Laos. Would you like to explore the classic highlights? Myanmar Adventure Burma, also known as Myanmar, is a small country near Thailand in Southeast Asia.

Cross-border logistics between Thailand and Myanmar

This article explains our argumentation about ethic travel: Bordering Thailand and Myanmar is not as easy as you might think, as laws and regulation are constantly evolving. In order to prevent problems when exceeding these limits, it is advisable to plan in advance in order to prevent aggravation. While there are four country transitions between Myanmar and Thailand, only three of them are available if you enter on a tourist visa.

Kawthaung Land├╝bergang is near Chiang Rai, in the northern part of Thailand. It is a favourite Thai boarder run for travellers, as you do not need a visas to get back to Myanmar if you return to Thailand on the same date. Using this crossroad as your gate to Myanmar may cause you some difficulty as you will need a travel document and guidebook to travel through the area.

So I tried to get out through that intersection and it wasn't possible unless I was flying to Kawthaung. For overland travel to Myanmar, I suggest the Myawaddy/Mae Sot or Ranong/Kawthaung borders. Myawaddy/Mae Sot is situated in the centre of Myanmar and is by far the most messy country crossroad.

Myanmar's roads are miles long, but you can take a Songsthaew to the Friendship Brigde without having to sit in line and cross the state. Traffiic changes lane from right to lefthand, half way across the gangway! As soon as you have your visas, continue on the new motorway to Mawlamyine or Hpa An.

Kawthaung Ranong is situated in southern Myanmar, divided by a canyon. Prior to leaving Thailand, drive to the Ranong Jetty immigrant agency before getting on your long tail boats to Kawthaung. When in Kawthaung, go to the migration center along the boardwalk to get your Myanmar tourism visas.

When you travel in high seasons, you can continue either by ferry or coach. Prepare for a long and rough trip - the streets in Myanmar are not too warm. Have all your Kyats exchanged for US Dollar or Burt before you leave Myanmar, as it will be very hard to find a place ready to do so.

Make sure you have your departure stamps before reaching or leaving Myanmar. On the way to Myanmar? Take our free Insider's Guide and explore the best of Myanmar with our free advice! You can shop at home or while travelling and make purchases from anywhere in the wide web.

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