Travel to Burma from India

Trip from India to Burma

Therefore, it is recommended to take a direct flight to Bangkok first, stay there for a day or two and then fly over the road to Myanmar. You can take a bus from Bangkok to Mae Soot (on Thailand's side), cross the boards to Myawaddy (on Myanmar's side) and then take a bus to Yangon. To enter or leave Myanmar, you must book a special travel package by completing this form (you must register at least one month before your travel date). Now, Indians can visit Myanmar without a visa to know how to cross the border between India and Myanmar from Moreh. Burma is a long country bordering Bangladesh, India and China to the north, Laos and Thailand to the west and south.

Favourable way to travel from India to Myanmar?

I am a native of the Netherlands and my friend is from Australia... In mid-July we are flying to Delhi to see the Rajasthan provinces. We' re planning to stay about 3 week in India and we' re going to Varanasi. To India we still have 5 week leave in Myanmar, Thailand and some day in Kuala Lumpur before we go to Melbourne.

We' d like to travel from India to Myanmar, but a one-way ticket at the beginning of August costs about 300 Euro. Can I get other less expensive options or travel to Myanmar?

To Burma by rail........... - Indi-Alpine Forum

To Burma by rail........... We' d like to travel by rail from Delhi to Burma and would be thankful if we could be escorted to suitable places. To Burma by rail........... There is no rail from India to Burma.... It is possible to travel by land by road or by coach, but you need specific permission etc. for Burma.

To Burma by rail........... To Burma by rail........... Thought there' d be several changes of trains with coaches between. To Burma by rail........... Except for Thailand, it is generally not possible for visitors to travel to Myanmar by land. They would have to leave from Delhi or Calcutta. My recommendation is not to travel by rail in Myanmar.

Last year I drove the Yangon to Mandalay with the Over Nighter and it was one of the hardest experience I have had in four years in Asia! However, India is a very good country. To Burma by rail........... Slightly off the subject of London, but what was so horrible about this platoon, since I am thinking of doing just that?

To Burma by rail........... There was a section at the end of the car, so there was a bogey bat. Trains were about two after Mandalay. Luckily my motel permitted me to arrive early and I spend the next six hrs asleep from my trip.....

To Burma by rail........... I only know Indo-Myammar frontier, from where a alien can get more into railroad to more isimapur, around 300 km.Dimapur is linked with few everyday services to New Delhi and Rajdhani Ex, which is regarded as one of the prime railroads in India.

To Burma by rail........... To Burma by rail........... The only Indians I think can enter Myanmar from Moreh. To Burma by rail...........

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