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Journey from Australia to Burma

Speak to one of our travel experts now about travel to Burma. How many miles and kilometers from Burma to Australia, air travel shortest distance from Burma to Australia. People in lonely Burma have strange things. Their visit to Australia has provoked controversy and protest. Formal travel tips and information.

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Back into the past as you cruise around the stilts built around the swimming towns of the tranquil Lake Inle on a ship. Is there a name that is more inspiring than Mandalay? Packed with treasure and on the Irrawaddy River at the base of Mandalay Hill, Burma's last regal capitol, more than does justice to the almost mythic name.

Visiting nearby towns and market places to get an insight into living in the countryside of Myanmar (Burma). Take a small river boat to discover the swimming towns and parks of Lake Inle and see how the natives are living. A lot of visitors come to the cloisters to see Myanmar Abbeys, but a trip to a nearby convent to enjoy lunches with the indigenous monastics and find out more about their way of living on Sagaing Hill, outside Mandalay, is an memorable one.

Maybe a remnant of the British, Myanmar (Burma) has an affinity for infusions and a visit to a teahouse is a quite indigenous one. This sparkling building is a family and pilgrims' rendezvous and can be seen from almost all over Yangon.

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