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This itinerary is a starting point for your trip to Burma (Myanmar). We do not recommend any tourist or other unimportant travel to Myanmar (formerly Burma). As Rudyard Kipling described Burma as "very different from anyone else you know", and this is still true today. Explore everything on our Myanmar hike! A minimum of five days is enough to get to know the history and culture of the country by visiting two of Myanmar's Big Four destinations.

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It is a truly amazing scenery with over 4,000 old shrines and Stupa spread across the jungle level. Cut through the waters with a longtail boot and watch the one-legged boating technique used by the inle fishermen. Mergui Archipelago, a group of 800 archipelagoes located in the Andaman Sea off the west coast of Burma's secluded southern coast, is one of the last pristine and pristine tropic resorts on the planet.

Burma's holiest Buddhist site, the Shwedagon Lagoon. Two thousand year old gilded coupe in the centre of Yangon. Soak up the atmosphere in one of Burma's up-and-coming seaside towns. It is a wonderful and largely unexplored sandy and smooth sandy area, situated on the Bay of Bengal and surrounded by palms.

Take a hot-air ballooning ride over the Bagan Temple with exceptional vistas of centuries-old remains and couples overlooking this secluded jungles. It is a truly amazing scenery. It' a fascinating experience when for the first time you see so many old churches extending from this wide skyline to the Irrawaddy River.

Join some amazing locals in Bagan, like this woman we got to know in exceptional headgear! On the border of the adventure trip to Asia, Bagan puts other cultures in the shadows. When you drive up the Irrawaddy River for 10 km, you will be awarded with the breathtaking view of the breathtaking pure pink Mingun Mountains with their exceptional undulating patios.

This is Ngapali, Burma's best sandy beaches with a broad and welcoming sandy area. The Shwedagon is a lovely, sparkling 2,000-year-old Yangon sanctuary. This is Burma's holiest Buddhist site and attracts locals from the cities and the distance. Riding the Paukan Motorhome is a great way to explore the Irrawaddy River.

In the morning twilight, observe the star bringing Bagan to live and selecting detail on the complex stupa and shrines. Enjoy the freshness of the sea food in this airy seafront dining area at Sandoway Resort with views of the Bay of Bengal. The Ngapali Bay Villa's have an envious position with views of a perfectly section of the Bay of Bengal beaches.

Observe a saintly parade through the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, one of Burma's holiest places. Quiet in Burma's main city Yangon when you visit this charming lying Buddha and be amazed at its greatness - this Buddha is over 26 meters long. Though smaller than Bagan, it has an undetected feeling and apart from a few peasants you may have the place for yourself.

Stay on the bank of the Irrawaddy riverbank, watch indigenous hosts using the riverbank as a means of transportation and savour Burma's great avifauna. From Inle Princess Resort, you' ll be able to see Inle Lake, surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Blue Mountains and luxuriant rice paddies.

The Inle Princess Resort offers not only breathtaking vistas of Inle Lake, but also luxurious facilities with large en-suite rooms and en-suite patios. See the reflection of the crystalline water of Inle lake from your own balconies in a chalet with sea vistas at the enchanting Inle Princess Resort.

Join this intriguing tradition in a typical lakefront house on Lake Inle and see how to make a Cheroot-style cigarette made from mashed tabacco covered in leaf. Find out more about the little-known minorities on the banks of Lake Inle. The day-to-day lives of the Myanmar tribe continue as normal within the Bagan archeological site.

It is really moving to see the disciplined and religious beliefs of the Myanmar population. Myanmar is a culture goldmine: the Bagan Plain is dotted with thousand of ruined temples extending to the Irrawaddy River; Mandalay and Yangon are full of colorful settlements and sparkling stupas; Inle Lake is a place of movingly beautiful where no current is flowing; and the beautiful golden sand of Ngapali offers a cranky seaside vacation in Myanmar to round off your wild-do.

Bounded by China in the northeast, Laos in theheast, Thailand in the southeast, Bangladesh in the West, India in the northwest and the Bay of Bengal in the southwest, the Andaman Sea with its 1,199 miles of continuous coast forms Burma's southerly outskirts. Burma's varied populations (there are over 135 ethnical groups) have been playing an important part in the definition of its policies, histories and demography in this day and age.

Burma opened its gates in 2011 for travelers coming from far and near to discover Myanmar. There is now an exceptional need for a finite choice of luxurious resorts, and recent investments have enabled the opening of some beautiful new luxurious homes, which means that travelers do not have to make compromises on luxurious accommodation during their Myanmar holidays.

Burma's welcoming, open, curious and welcoming individuals offer their best experiences to the visitor, and despite restricted online accessibility or (for many) good training, Burmese are exceptionally well educated about activities outside the country. The exploration of Myanmar will be a fascinating and wonderful journey to Burma from the bustling Yangon to the majestic town of Mandalay, from the thousand shrines and palagodas of Bagan to the pristine beauty of Lake Inle.

An enchanting 1909 Amara Mountain Resort, Amara Mountain Resort is the best resort in the city, and certainly the..... The Rupar Mandalar Resort, Rupar Mandalar Resort is a charming member of the Mandalay hotels community, hidden in the midst of eastern garden..... andoway Resort, Sandoway Resort is one of Ampersands Top 10 Beach Hotels in the middle of coco palm trees at Ngapali Beach, the Sandoway Resort.....

Belemond Governor's Residence, The Governor's Residence ist eines von Ampersands Top 10 Lux City Hotels Unser Lieblingshotel à Yangon, The Governor's Residence,........ The Inle Princess Reserve, This tranquil Burmese residence is the ideal starting point for an exploration of Inle Lake. The Belmond Road to Mandalay is the most convenient and luxury way to discover the Irrawaddy River.

Ile Lake is probably one of Burma's most expected places, and all the frenzy is there. Located in the state of Kachin near the China Bhamo is a trade station, which.....

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