Travel Myanmar in August

Trip Myanmar in August

The beaches, however, remain closed and some areas are difficult to reach by car. In August or better at the beginning of September, i.e. beginning or end of our trip? Both January and February are great months to visit Burma as it is dry everywhere and the temperatures are not yet overwhelming.

The temples in Bagan in the evening glow in Myanmar. A lot of people avoid Myanmar when travelling in Southeast Asia.

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Hello everyone, we are planning to go to Myanmar from mid-August to early Septem-bern. It is the wet weather, but we were there at the same place many years ago, so the wet weather is no longer a challenge for us. Can I take a cab to Chaungtha Strand in the wet seasons?

What is the average rainfall to Chaungtha Bay? There are two open and discounted rooms I e-mailed to. 2: Well, this is our only holiday, we need some peace and relaxation, do you think it's worth jumping over Chaungtha Bay and spending more quality hotel accommodation with swimming pool in Bagan or Mandalay etc.?

Are you visiting the Chaungtha beaches in early/mid-August or better in early September, i.e. beginning or end of our itinerary?

Clues to visiting Myanmar in the wet season

Myanmar's rain period is from May to early October. This is a traditional low tourist seasons in Myanmar. Myanmar in the midst of the July rains. I had a boyfriend from Burma who said it would be very humid in Yangon, but it would be chilly at Inle Lake.

On my 5 day journey to Myanmar I come to the conclusion that it is actually very beautiful to see Myanmar in the raintime. I' m not particularly enjoying being under the burning heat when I travel, especially after a sundown in Sri Lanka. There is not much rain in the wet seasons and the climate is chilly.

In the low seasons it is usually less expensive to go to any of them. The same applies to Myanmar. In Heho International Heho International and Inle Lake, the closest airports in Switzerland, the resort is even promoting its lower priced rainy seasons special. I' m not sure if it's because Myanmar's tourist industry has just begun, but there weren't many overseas visitors when we were.

We didn't get overcrowded when we went to the pages. However, during my 4-day stay in Myanmar (two of them on water-rich Inle Lake) I only had less than three gnat stings. But according to scientific evidence, mosquitos can also travel in the rain. I can' t say if Myanmar midges don' t like my hair or if it was really the rainfall.

Photographs on a crowded or wet weather are not as good as light sunshine when they are taken. When it rains heavily, you will need to take an Umbrella with you for your sight-seeing. When you visit the landscape, it is very likely that the floor is not cobbled and you will end up with extra slippery boots after a stroll.

It is best to use your flip-flops at a time like these so that you can wash your legs well. The advantages of a visit to Myanmar during the wet seasons predominate for me. Hopefully this will help you plan your itinerary. Thanks to TripZilla and Myanmar Airways International for making my journey to Myanmar possible.

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