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Find out why, but no matter how clichéd the fantasy is, Thailand delivers in spades. Dated from Pulau Phuket dari Mari Tour Thailand. Cambodia menyediakan berbagai package tour,hotel,transport dan aktiviti di seluruh Thailand. Enjoy the unique and culturally rich Thailand and its neighbours Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar with flawless travel packages and transfers. Check out these amazing places in Thailand for a honeymoon.


Up to the mid twentieth centuary, the only land in the area that was never governed by a single government was the Kingdom of Thailand. Bangkok, the capitol, is an important center for much of Southeast Asia in the fields of art, fashions, culture, education, government and music.

A stroll through the roads or a cruise on the canal shows that Bangkok is a colorful and lively place that plays an important role in every trip to Thailand. Journey to Chiang Mai to the northern side and discover another Thailand - a quiet place of hills and jungles, elephant and tropical mountain tribes like the Karen.

Walk along country trails to Um Phang's falls and secluded towns to explore the true Thailand.

Adventurous holidays for families in Thailand

In Bangkok and Chang Mai, where there is a large selection of food choices, we have given you the freedom to choose the kind of experiences and budgets. It' possible to have a good lunch for less than 1.00 per adult (50 Thai Baht). Food is an integral part of the Thai food experiences.

Thankfully, Thailand's diet is renowned and some would say the best of all. Although some meals are very pungent (like the typical Tom Yam soup), it is a flaw to believe that all of Thailand's meals are pungent and that there is an enormous fineness of taste.

You will be given advice and tricks on how to find out what is best for you from a traditional Thai cuisine. And, of course, the Thai cooking course in Chiang Mai will give everyone a better understanding of the materials and skills needed to prepare tasty Thai cuisine. Bangkok and Chiang Mai also have many internationally catered eateries and cafés, as well as all the well-known quick meals outlet.

An interesting eating adventure in Bangkok is a trip to a'seafood supermarket' where you can buy your own local produce and, after checking out, talk to a local cook about how you would like to prepare it. There is a one-time shuttle from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to the group accommodation at morning of the first day of the Land Only Route.

These transfers are scheduled for those departing from London Heathrow Airport on Qatar or Emirates flights. The last leg of the Land Only route includes a one-time shuttle to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to complete the check-in for the early bird flights back to London.

We can offer you a personal transfer service for an extra charge if your timetable does not correspond to these temporary transfer services. You will receive the hotel's address and an urgent number with your reservation confirmations. In Bangkok the group spends 2 overnight stays in a central situated motel with AC and swimming pools, 2 overnight stays in Chiang Mai in a central situated motel with AC and swimming pools, 1 overnight stay in a touristic resort in Kanchanaburi with swimming pools.

In Chiang Mai during the hike through the jungles we spend 2 days in cottages where we sleep in simple bedrooms and are provided with net. We' re staying in the sleeping car for two-night. Accomodation in the hotels (not the cottage or the train) is a double or three-bed room or a double room with bunkbeds, all with private bathroom.

Kids under 11 years old are sharing a three-bed room for a 3-person familiy or a two-bed room with two additional single bed for a 4-person familiy kids over 12 years old are sharing a three-bed room for a 3-person familiy or have two rooms for a 4-person familiy.

It should also be enough to pay various costs, as well as any exit taxes, and about 10 - 15 per member of the host families for tipping them. There is no need to get the Thai Baht before travel. In Bangkok and Chiang Mai it is possible to make withdrawals from ATM' s and payment is widely used throughout Thailand.

When you plan to take your travel funds with you, we suggest you take them in hardcopy. Tips are not common in Thailand, except perhaps to withdraw small coins from a meal bill or to round up a cabaret. It is recommended that you coordinate this tip as a group and as a general guideline we suggest that each group member contribute 10 to 15 per member of the group.

Usually our vacations are arranged with minimum "downtime" at the beginning of the tour, but one or two days at the beginning have the added advantage that you have enough free to overcome the stresses of a long tour or to travel through timezones so that you are fresh and prepared for your vacation.

If you wish, we can organise extra night and transfer to and from the airports. Select from KE t-shirts, buffets, KE trekking bags* (where applicable) and more. A free KE trekking pouch is available on this public holidays. You should bring a suitcase and a day pack for this vacation.

On the 3 leg trip in the jungles you only take what you need for the three leg and the remainder of your stuff can be handed in at the Chiang Mai hotels. During the hike, this baggage is transported by car. It is recommended that you take a second collapsible case or share your baggage with your relatives.

Except in special cases, we will not reverse a journey once it has reached this guarantee level so that you can continue with your travel and other preparations. Folding bags can be useful on the 3-day hike from Chiang Mai.

We ask you to take only what is needed for these 3 day and to keep the remainder of your property in Chiang Mai. Of course you can share your baggage with other members of the host families and only take one or two pieces of baggage per 3-day group.

You are responsible for ensuring that you have the right travel documentation and visa for your holidays. When you travel outside the EU, you should have at least 2 empty pages in your pass for each of the countries you are visiting. It is advisable to consult your physician or travel clinics to see if you need special inoculations or other preventative actions.

If you are traveling from one of the danger zones of avian flu, a green taxidermy certification is necessary if you are traveling for more than 12 hours through an airfield in a danger zone of avian flu. Travel Health Pro is a good on-line resources. In Thailand, the monetary units are the Thai Baht.

KE, a renowned travel agency, is supporting the "Travel Aware" initiative of the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Offices to help UK residents get ready for their trips abroad. The' Travel Aware' website provides a unique, binding resource for all types of travelers and we encourage all KE customers to check the UK government's formal website at uk before traveling and check the FCO travel tips for their selected travel destinations.

Americans can also visit the U.S. State Department website at gov for important travel information and hints. If the Bundeskartellamt advises against a trip for any reasons, we will get in touch with all the persons who have been reserved to talk about the current status. Please do not hesitate to ask our offices if you have any queries regarding travel consulting by the state.

In Thailand there are 3 highseasons. The months of April and May are much warmer and the air moisture starts to increase, which makes travelling very unpleasant. In Bangkok, the current daily temperature is 32-35°C and in Chiang Mai 28-30°C. Besides the north of Thailand the following areas, which are of particular interest to the visitor, are described in more detail:

Maps of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son, Lampang, Lamphun, Phrae, Phayao and Nan; and areas: The Chiang Mai area and the Golden Triangle.

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