Travel Itinerary for Myanmar

Itinerary for Myanmar

I've been thinking about this itinerary: Burma is still in the transition from a military to a (largely) civilian government. I got everyone in Myanmar to tell me how good the travel agency is. Myanmar travel is only as expensive as you make it.

Proposed 4-day itinerary for Myanmar? - MYANmar Message Board

Proposed 4-day itinerary for Myanmar? You' d get Yangon and two others in that timeframe. Sight-seeing tour of Yangon with a spectacular sundown at the Shwedagon, 19. night road for a great road atmosphere, delicious grilled meat & grilled meat & inexpensive Myanmar beers. They can either drive counterclockwise and depart from Bagan or vice versa and depart from Inle Lake.

For me Mandalay & the cities around it as well as the secluded atmosphere of Inle. I would say Inle though, the fairs there are a complex number revelry & spends a day on the vessel with all this absorbing painting, it's ambitious to hit. Have a good time in Inle & half a full working days, go back to Yangon for more grilled seafood & cheaper Myanmar beers before you go......job done!

Itinerary 8-day in Myanmar

I' m going to Myanmar in July for 8 nights. I' m afraid I don't have more than these 8 day, but I definitely want to see Myanmar! My main interests are in Myanmar's natural environment, cultural heritage, scenery and countryside.

Have you got any suggestions, tips or something useful? I' d be grateful for any help!

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You will take a half days sightseeing trip with an English speaker to the pagoda to discover its story and more about the Buddha School; there are even some delicious Myanmar food to try! The next thing to do is to pick you up and take you to the Lashio International Terminal for your 2 hour Lashio trip.

The next four day tour will take you to northern Shan State, enjoy the gentle mountain vistas and get to know the countryside of this secluded place in Myanmar. Beginning in the relaxed Hsipaw you get to know the local industry like the roll of cigars and the area' s intellectual convictions and drive down the stream for a different outlook on it.

You will be able to talk to your tour leader about their way of living. You will reach Pyn Oo Lwin by rail in the afternoons, where you will be brought to your motel in a stylish tuk-tuk! There is nothing scheduled for your first night, so you can either enjoy the relaxation in the motel or discover the new area.

Situated between the verdant rolling countryside and near the beautiful botanic garden. Next morning we continue through Myanmar. You will be taken by road to Mandalay today, which takes about 1.5 h. Mandalay, the former Myanmar imperial capitol may not have the grandeur and grandeur of some other Myanmar capitals, but there is still much to see!

You will find your lodgings in the center of the center of the city. During the first morning you will set off for Sagaing with a native tour leader. It is the center of Buddhism in Myanmar and is home to more than 6000 Buddhists and Buddhists. You will now enter the distinctive Bagan, which is situated in the center of Myanmar between gentle slopes with over 2000 buddhistic monument.

Bicycles and a card are at your service during your stay in Bagan, allowing you to discover the breathtaking landscape and secret temple through the maze of track. On the second mornings you will be accompanied by a tour leader who will show you some of the deserted churches before you set off on your own.

It will give you an insight into the countryside and you will experience a touch of serenity. Upon arrival at Inle Lake, you will be taken to your Nyaung Shwe accommodation. We continue to quiet Inle Lake, Myanmar's biggest sweet water pond, which stretches for 13 mile.

Along the shores of the lagoon there are many charming Burma towns, with stone built homes by the waterside. It is a relaxing way of living that you cannot escape when you visit. During the second part of the trip you will have the opportunity to go by sea and discover the swimming garden and handicraft stores before having a delicious meal of Shan pasta with a native Myanmar mob.

It is a truly memorable event that will bring you close to the natives and allow you to enjoy the villagers of Myanmar. Then after another overnight in the city of Nyaungshwe you will be on your way to your next goal.

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