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We can almost guarantee that this will not be our last visit to Yangon. Wellfarer was a fantastic travel agent for our trip to Myanmar. Forums for the Yangon region. Talk to TripAdvisor travelers about travel to the Yangon region. I am new to this forum and have read many, many posts as I tried to plan my trip to Myanmar this fall.

Activities in Yangon, Myanmar: 4-Day Travel Plan

To Myanmar! We' ll discuss the essentials (Myanmar Visa, Yangon transportation and FAQs) in a seperate article, now for fun: Explore a new town! Like I said before, we went to Myanmar and found out that four nights in Yangon was a great test of tastes. Here is a coarse model for your own route in Yangon.

Before we visited Yangon, we had an O.C.D. Google-meeting. Since we had Myanmar on our shortlist for a while, we had the Lonely Planet Myanmar 2011. Yangon is rapidly evolving and is the most up-to-date travel destination on the market, from advice on how to get the most out of it.

Burma (2016). Although Lonely Planet has the advantage for the latest release, DK Eyewitness is the best - best for its 3-D designs and illustration of everything that is (A) interesting or (B) easily-lose. Myanmar Pocket dictionary + Myanmar - Culture Smart! We came to Myanmar and knew "hello" and "thank you" in Myanmar (many Myanmarese work on Koh Samui and a waitress liked to teach us the basics).

We were so excited about our new boyfriends that we were inspired to treble our Myanmar words. Combine these efforts with an introduction to Burma's civilization and - just a hunch - you will experience the journey of a life. From our Sule Shangri-La Yangon to Kandawgyi Lake, we arrived around 11 am.... and we were the only group there.

Promenades around Kandawgyi are quite bumpy. They' re pretty, but you have to be cautious. Do not use flip-flops instead for walks in warm conditions. The walk around the pond was the only one that we really felt the sun during our visit to Yangon. As the Grand Canyon - nothing can make you ready for the Shwedagon Pagoda.

Shwedagon is indeed a place of adoration, but also a church center - you will see folk of all age in their best form to have a picnic, go out with their children, spend quality leisurely hours with their families, have a date or just simply study the Newspaper. So what awaits you in the Shwedagon Pagoda?

It was (!) wrongly assumed that Shwedagon was just a simple pod. Instead, the grounds of the Shwedagon pit is an absolute vast empire of pagodas - they seem to exist forever. Why is the Shwedagon wearing a wrap? They are barefoot exploring Shwedagon and the ground becomes very warm in the outdoors.

If you thought, like us, you were constantly'stamped out', the Shwedagon Pagoda is totally fantastic and a trip is definitely something to see. The Shwedagon has 4 entrance, but only one, through which foreigners/tourists go. So we didn't remain here; the motel has only 48 rooms and they were fully reserved for our appointments - but the second best way to come to supper is a breathtaking comfort.

It was mandatory to go back to the next morning's dinner. The goal is to live up to the relaxed and elegant look of your surroundings: for appropriately unassuming clothes that would work well in the Yangon sun, take advice from what to look for in Bangkok - a little more elegant at nigh. Try it out if you are planning a flight back to a very particular event.

"We' ve got a great deal to laugh about now" was the answer of a native when we said that everyone we'd seen in Yangon was so nice and smiley. A walk through Yangon on horseback, trying out road stands, rummage through market and unscheduled strolls were equivalent attractions. Canadian Yangon Hikes:

We' ve just explored Myanmar with Lonely Planet, but if you enjoy a trip, you have three possibilities for hikes in Yangon: Yangon has an interesting architectural and historical heritage - the town does not seem overbuilt, although there is a significant flood of buildings. Best you can buy in Yangon?

Longyi shawls (traditional Myanmar shawl carried like a sarong) are a nice thing to take home with you, and they are perfect for a South East Asia voyage if you want to use them to hide by the pool or relax. Also in Yangon there is a nice selection of lacquer goods. Yangood memorabilia: To make a very memorable gift, stop at the Yangood shop in one of the three places.

One of our favorite dishes in Yangon was slowly boiled pig meat with dark beans. Yangon cuisine is the ideal seasoning (for the palate of our petite foreigners). Planning a ravine on top of Myanmar about Myanmar Pat Thai - the famous Thai pasta special. Some of the restaurants from Yangon - some we had fun with during our trip, others have recently opened to enthuse about the reviews:

Another interesting example is Myanmar wines from a Red Mountain Winery vineyards on the Inle. Yangon bars: The Lonely Planet 2011 was very outdated in the field of night life - fortunately a new issue 2017 has just been published. Since then, many of Yangon's pubs have opened, and neither we nor you, dear readers, should be convinced to go down a thorough research path.

So what can I get to eat in Myanmar? Myanmar wines are truly outstanding - delectable. It seems that Red Mountain Estate is open for visitors - something to be added to a drive back or a longer route. The Drinking Traveller' has pictures and comments from a recent stay. On the fourth day we were not yet prepared to depart Yangon, but since it is only an hour's flying time from Bangkok, it is simple to schedule another one.

Burma art: Can yangon yoga? Mm-hmm. The Yangon Yang-on Yogic House offers you inner serenity. Burma is a beautiful place and always needs a visit. We' re dying to see what's outside Yangon.

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