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The Yangon travel application, which will shed light on the city's heritage and drive hikers off the beaten track, comes to Android. Booking Yangon, Myanmar tours with Ker & Downey is an unforgettable adventure. Yangon holiday packages expose you to a melting pot of rich cultures. Complimentary Air KBZ Air Mandalay Asian Wing Yangon Air Apex Golden Myanmar Air. This is the first place most travellers visit in Myanmar.

Yangon's definitive activities schedule

While the Shwedagon is one of the great miracles in the worid, tell someone and you might get a confused look. Yet this huge gold stupa is the main draw in Yangon, a town that currently leads every cultivated traveler's wish list. Its great charm lies in the fact that it is freezing in the air, a town that has not yet exploded with sky scrapers and commercial centres, a spectre of Asia's past.

In Yangon elsewhere, a photo walk is a great way to see the city centre building, the teahouses full of chatters and smoked cheroots, the indigenous market and the large overseas villas. Travelling Shooters provides tailor-made itineraries. After that you are looking for some rest at one of the two huge Buddhas in Yangon, either the 46 foot high sitting Buddha at Nga-htat-gyi Paya or the 213 foot long lying Buddha at Chauk-htat-gyi Paya.

This is a particularly tranquil place to meditate on the battles and advances of this charming, fracturing town. Singapore-borne services to nine Indochina cities via Singapore operate more than 100 weekly services. Singaporapore Airlines works with the best cooks and personnel to make sure you are as good as 30,000 ft across its vast area.

YANGON, indispensable for your solo trip to Myanmar

Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, was the capitol of Myanmar until it was superseded by Naypyidaw in November 2005. Today it is the country's biggest town with more than 5 million people. Yangon is a beautifully crafted town, a mixture of Eastern and Eastern inspiration, and an expression of the pleasure of living in the faces of its people, which is an integral part of your Myanmar tour.

Yangon is the first town in the state to have the necessary travel and lodging facilities, making it an important part of your Burma itinerary. Yangon Airport, which has been recently refurbished, has state-of-the-art terminal facilities for national and intercontinental services.

Buses and taxi take you to the centre of the town in 30 min. by road. There are many rail links between Yangon and the remainder of Myanmar. There is a dayly line from Yangon to Mandalay via Bago, with services to Bagan and Inle Lake. There' s also a Yangon Bagan line, but the ride over it lasts about 24h and is not very enjoyable.

  • Yangon near Mandalay can be reached by ferry in 5 and Pyay in 3 working nights. Busses connect Yangon to most of Myanmar's attractions, such as Bagan, Mandalay or Inle Lake. Includes 14USD per passenger in a Mandalay HVIP coaches.

There are many comfortable and inexpensive ways to get around town, as you can imagine: In order to get the most out of the town, we recommend you to hire a bicycle (1.5 per day), but watch the road. A stay in Yangon can quickly become an experience if you are alone in Myanmar.

The ones with averages ( (between 20 and 50 USD) are near the Sule Pagoda and just off Shwedagon Pagoda. There are luxury resorts around Lake Kandawgyi and in the centre of the town. As far as cuisine is concerned, you will find a very large selection of prizes when you make your Myanmar trip.

How to do in Yangon during a soloride in Myanmar? Yangon is not only an important business town, but also a historic and spiritual centre. Therefore, the town has many pilgrimages and religous sights to see. Shwedagon is the most popular pagoda in the town.

There are other places of worship to be visited, such as the Sule Pagoda or the Cathedral of St. Mary. Although the town is the most important town centre of the county, it has been able to preserve and preserve its parks. Historical enthusiasts will be thrilled by their attendance in this town.

When you want to get closer to the local population, we recommend taking the Dallah/Frankferry. When the town has a coupe, the most important one is the itinerary. In fact, you will be able to immerse yourself in the roar of the teams that cross the Yangon and enjoy the everyday lives of the Yangon population.

Eventually, the queens and queens of Yangon are pampered. Handcrafted goods, gems or even clothing are easy to find in the town. Yangon is a great place to shop because of the variety of goods and the reluctance of the salespeople. Open the door of Myanmar's most important memorial for 8 USD per each.

There you will encounter a whole group of people: uninhibited kids walking there, friars speaking along a road, young lovers in loving relationship... Place of veneration and place of living, Shwedagon Pagoda is a worldwide first. Yangon entices the visitor every single time, no matter what his moods change.

As the first large town in the state, it is also its centre of religion and economy. If you visit Yangon during your Burma trips, you will explore the heart of Burma's civilisation during an memorable Myanmar trip.

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