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You will arrive at Yangon International Airport. You' ll most likely arrive at Yangon International Airport, a pleasantly cool and clean airport. The most important topic to plan in advance when travelling to Yangon, Burma (Myanmar) is perhaps money. Check out our definitive travel guide to find out when is the best time to travel to Yangon (Rangoon), the former capital of Burma. Explore the different districts of Shwedagon Pagoda on a round train.

Yangon, Myanmar (Burma): Important travel information

You' ll most likely be arriving at Yangon International airport, a pleasantly chilly and neat one. As everyone already has a visa for Myanmar, it should not take long for custom. Yangon is different from other big towns in the whole wide globe, where cabbies come to you as soon as you leave the city.

Some quiet and kind cabbies came up to me, who all charged the same price ($10) to the centre of Yangon. DO NOT trade US dollar for Kieats at Yangon IATA. It' s a horrible installment, similar to giving away cash. Goverment is controlling the course at the airfield and betting on those who know nothing else.

Don't be afraid, cabbies will pay $10 US dollars from the airfield to the centre of the town, so you won't need a Kyat until later. There really aren't as many cheap accommodations as you might think in a Yangon sized town. When you visit Yangon only for a few nights, it is good to remain near the main Sule Paya Pagoda.

Await $5 - $8 for a single room and $10 - $20 for a twin room in Yangon. I was at the Gold Smiles Inn (recommended by Legal Nomads). $12 a day for a twin room / 2nd They also offered a proper currency change.

Before you arrive in Yangon, it may be a good idea to either send a note to one of the above mentioned hotels or make an on-line book. The most important topic to consider when travelling to Yangon, Burma (Myanmar) is perhaps cash. Although the US dollar is the kings of the currencies, the Kyat are the most used.

Exchanges are very tricky and there seems to be a new road price every weekend. While I was there (March 2011) I got about 840 Kyat for 1 US $. Yangon and Myanmar (Burma) are both required during your trip. Just bucks can be used to cover lodging, entry to touristic sites and a few other formal things.

They are used for daily life, such as the purchase of drinking fountains, groceries, local busses and things from sellers. Now there are many ATMs throughout Yangon, so you don't have to worry as much about US banknotes as before. Again, never trade Myanmar to Myanmar at Yangon airport, waiting until you get to a guesthouse or downtown fair.

As soon as you are in Yangon, there are a number of ways to swap it. It can be absurd to get your dollar worth of cash and make sure you always have enough free space and space to do so. Whenever you want to convert cash for "great" prizes, be conscious - there is probably a check mark and you could be cheating out the actual amount without being counted.

I' d advise not to even bother exchanging currency with tugboats on the side of the road, unless you're fully buckled for instant currency. The Golden Smiles Inn was a very good price for my bucks in a very secure environment. It was always better for $50 and $100 bucks.

Bogyoke Aung San Big Bogyoke Aung San Markets. They are quiet and give you the amount of reckoning and thinking about the change. The meal is abundant, tasty and of great value around the town of Yangon.

Myanmar specialities offer a variety of gourmet dishes including buttered lettuce, pastafisch, Burma nationwide dishes and a stunning choice of barbecued delicacies in Chinatown. Eating in Yangon is so inexpensive that it is almost not possible to try everything. Watermelon, peppers, mangos and other crisp tropic fruits are offered in huge servings for about 300 kyat.

Don't miss the 250 kyat doses or a 1000-2000 kyat per dish festival of paddy thali rumcury. I just wanted to spend my first overnight in Yangon watching and drinking the Yangon teas and tell the seller that I didn't want to order anything.

I realised that most folks could order a cup of milky teas or a cup of coffe (unfortunately in bulk ) for 300 kyat and then just wait as long as possible and eat the same. Cybercafés exist all over Yangon, but you should never rely on their capacity to offer appropriate inter-net.

Like I said, the formal price from Yangon International Airport to the centre of the town is $10, although we could negotiate a price of $8. There are no taximeters, so I would suggest asking a nice locals what they would charge for the trip before driving down the town.

Coach (cost: 200 kyats): Urban coaches are huge lumps that are heavily overloaded and appear to collapse or just disintegrate at the next potholes in Yangon. These fun trips only 200 Kyat. Itineraries are not too difficult to find, and most Yangon people will be glad to help you find your way.

Rear of the lorry (cost: 200 kyats): Probably even more frayed and on the verge of collapsing are the backs of the Yangon transport's lorry moulds. Yangon is highly criminalized compared to large towns around the globe. As our guesthouse hostel emphasised, many business people are carrying full of money in a bag through bad roads at nights and have no problem.

Yangon has many dark roads during the nights. I' ve been walking around 24/7 and I' ve felt nowhere the least danger. This town is really secure, but it's no excuse not to be careful. Woads of Kyats can become great, so I would suggest having two separated woads with cash: 1 for immediate use and 1 for the Stash.

I' ve been spending $10 - $15 a full days, inclusive of lodging, meals and spending while in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). Yangon, Myanmar (Burma), is a great place to go, but requires some itinerary. It is of the greatest importance to take the necessary amount of leisure to check and go through important information before you arrive.

When you can only get ready and recall a few things (like money), you will have an astonishing journey to Yangon! Have a look at this Yangon photosay when you have a second! Watch my Yangon journey videos.

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