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It is a guest contribution by Karen Bortvedt, a friend and intentional traveller, with tips from her last trip to Myanmar. The top three sights around Yangon. The commercial capital Yangon is the main gateway to Myanmar. Useful travel information for your trip to Yangon, Myanmar. Yangon, my traveling friends, is no different.

Yangon, Myanmar Travel Guide

We work our way through the Bangkok Airways flight chart slow (but very happy)..... Recently we made our first journey to Myanmar, where we spent four amazing nights in Yangon (the former capital). Featuring a combined 96-hour experience (plus a obsessional and obsessional standard of literacy and research), here is a first Timer's Yangon travel guidebook - all the logistics you need to enjoy your first journey to Yangon.

What is the best way to get ready for Myanmar? Updated - Travel safely in Myanmar: Please contact your home country's mission before you plan a trip to Myanmar. How would Myanmar be able to attract new attractions, new foods and drinks and charming individuals? The four day trip to Yangon was an exciting start.

When you plan your first trip to Myanmar - here's a big lead! Myanmar? Yangon? One - Myanmar? Yangon? Burma (pronounced mee-an-mar) is their own name for their land. Myanmar was forced by the Brits, but the tongue is Burmese..... as well as Yangon / Rangoon. Get to know your'Myanmar 101' quickly with a recent travel guide:

LongLonely Planet provides simple travel consulting, while DK Eyewitness penetrates a little more deeply into Burma's people. What is the best place to spend the night in Yangon? Because of the great position and the comforts of a well-known make, we have reserved the Sule Shangri-La Yangon for our 4-day excursion to Yangon. Shangri-La seemed to be between our two top selections nearer the stores and the general lifestyle in Yangon, which turned out to be so.

Shangri-La Sule employees are.... amazing. This is a personnel -only booking. So how do you get to Yangon? So if you are planning a trip to Southeast Asia or have some travel planning in Bangkok, you know that: Bangkok Airways has flown with us, but you have several possibilities from Bangkok, among them Myanmar Airways International and Thai.

Booking your Myanmar flight: From Bangkok (BKK / Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport) to Yangon (RGN / Yangon International Airport) we took a plane ride of one hours. from Bangkok to Yangon? Request your Myanmar visas on-line (a very smooth, fully automated process). We arrived later at the immigrations office as smooth, with the added advantage of having Miss Myanmar (or her nicer sister) than our immigrant staff.

About a thousand million factors mean that you should take five and a half minute to take out travel cover for Myanmar before leaving home. Examine any mass-funding site for tens of sorry tales of fellow travelers arrested in South East Asian clinics and are unable to provide medical transportation back home. Often it'?s caused by an accident on a motorbike.... (1) Travel insurances, (2) Hello, helms.

Myanmar Pocket Burmese Dictionary - Smart Cultures! All you need to know about the arts and labels is covered in Myanmar - Cultural Smart! and ( (as we have proven with 4 words of Burmese), a little linguistic work goes a long way, so grab a Burmese log. CNN 11 things to know before you visit Myanmar are worth it - much of the contents are for newcomers to Asia, but there are some interesting things about food and customs that are different from Thailand.

See also top tips for Yangon, by a Yangon expert. The Burmese Days are as tormenting as they are fun - a must read before you go to the governor's residence. So what should I wrap for Myanmar? Following our visit to Vietnam and Laos, we know that the clothing regulations are not the norm throughout Southeast Asia (Thailand's clothing regulations are probably the least traditional of the group), and we have taken more care of our packaging than on a journey to Koh Samui and adhered to the clothing regulations recommended for temple visit and/or the more elegant and conservationist end of Bangkok.

What is Myanmar clothing policy? Younger group person adoptive thin denim, but they are not (which we saw in our digit era) kind friends. Myanmar packer shoes: Women start packin' for Myanmar: Men package for Myanmar: He grabbed - khakis and collar tops (light flax and cotton). So what awaits you in Yangon?

from Yangon International Airport: Following a really fast immigrant migration we were welcomed by two very useful Shangri La boys in bright green coats. The one was the rider and the other a leader, who pointed out the town' s attractions and gave an introductory tour of Myanmar. It took 45 min on arriving and 90 min on departing (Yangon has traffic!).

Do you speak English in Yangon? Everyone at the motel was speaking English, but our few words of Burmese were very well accepted. Peppermint dollar is the most important tip at Lonely Planet Myanmar: no wrinkles or wrinkles of any kind.

We' found ATM machines all over Yangon. In research, we tried banking debit and credit card payments from three different nations at Yangon cash machines (including British cards) and everyone was pleased to give us the country's own official exchange rate, the Chinese word for Kyoto (pronounced chat). Yangon City? So how do you get around Yangon? Unlike Vietnam and Thailand, we haven't seen a bike or motorcycle in Yangon.

Being a tourist, traveling in Yangon can still be a little unfamiliar to you. There was a lot of transport (similar to Bangkok) and 40 min after we left the hotels we were still on the same road. Cabs in Yangon? Yangon cabs are cheap, neat and very abundant. A last tip for your trip out of Myanmar.

The occasional messy Bangkok Airways check-in at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airports (RGN) - our check-in experiences with Bangkok Airways at Yangon International Airports (RGN) were anything but smooth. Maybe the trouble was that Burma's employees were too courteous to say what a fast Heathrow desksman would do. Allow yourself more than two and a half hour for your departure from the airfield and have your Kindle ready!

By 2014, the edifice was transformed from a Traders Inn into a Shangri-La. At first glance it may not look as stunning as a Singapore or Bangkok Shangri-La (much newer, more customized buildings) - but the employees make this property what it is. Sule Shangri-La Horizon Lounge: The lounges are located on the 21 stor, so the view is spectacular and the personnel is even more amazing (with far fewer people to look after them, they have the time).

Had we not registered for the Horizon Lounge, we might not have been so much struck by the venue - the facilities and personnel really made our sojourn. The Horizon Lounge allows you to have your breakfasts in a peaceful environment (and we noticed that the employees knew about our order of coffees on the second day).

Refreshments and refreshments are available throughout the afternoon, and a complimentary daytime drink and Burma appetizer are available. Shangri-La Sule facilities: One of our employees told us that 110% of the room was reserved - who knew that was possible? In keeping with our motto, we just wanted to go to the swimmingpoolbar ( "where the waiters were astonishing "), but the lovers of the sea had trouble finding available swimmingpoolcots.

Sule Shangri-La Yangon employees were very supportive, as expected, but all we saw throughout the whole town were smiles.

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