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Hiking in Khao Yai National Park. These are some basic phrases to help you on your journey around the country. Useful phrases It is difficult to speak some Thai from the English language (often also referred to as Thinglish) because the various transliteration techniques cannot convey the right noises. Nearly everything that one tries to say beyond the simplest can make no meaning for the Thai auditory system without knowledge of the sounds or flexions.

Listening and imitation is the only way to get beyond the Thai "baby" scene. Have a look at some basic Thai sentences here. Here you can hear and study the Thai script, syllables, vowels and sounds. When you are in Thailand's main touristic areas, you will have little difficulty to find natives who know a little English.

However some practical rhetoric can go a long way to a warm welcome wherever you are in the state. Plus, the more you try to talk, the more you will be learning, and the Thai really appreciate those who try their lang. First of all, the Thai speech changes a little according to whether the narrator is a man or a lady.

Some practical sentences: Do you know what I mean? Sabai do you ru (krub/kah)How are you? poor Thai may daiI can't talk Thai. know what I mean? no Tao Rai? How much? The following checklist can be useful for those who deal with allergy and epilepsy. So, go and study some Thai (pood pasta thai).

Your effort will entertain and perhaps even amaze the Thais.

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As you show your esteem when you receive your Singhas Bier and Thai mug. When you shop a great deal, try this practical word. If you speak Thai, you might get a better rebate. Demonstrate your esteem for this tasty Thai food!

When someone thanks you (khop koon), say'mai pens lai'. When there is confusion (whatever happens with a linguistic barrier), smile and say'mai pens lai'! We have tried to make this guidebook as detailed as possible, but please review the essential points such as visa, medical and security, information about the airports, etc. with the appropriate authority before you travel.

The STA Travel accepts no liability for any losses, injuries or inconveniences resulting from this manual.

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