Travel in Burma 2016

Burma Travel 2016

7 March 2016 / 4:09 o'clock. From San Yamin Aung October 26, 2016. In 2017, RANGOON - Burma was included in the top ten countries by the renowned travel guide Lonely Planet. On a photo trip through Burma (Myanmar) with National Geographic I fell in love with the country. Consultancy on the use of local agents and pricing guidelines for 2016/7;

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Burma in February 2016 - Maxwell Scott Travel

The last guided trip showed us how much Myanmar (as Burma is called today) is evolving. We are cautiously optimistic everywhere and locals are on the move. Burma's population also enjoys community service, takes itself and uses the web, because all this is now possible! We would like to urge you to leave soon, if you can, and enjoy the charms of this lovely land and the crowd before the crowd gets too big.

Since Burma's appeal is growing rapidly, we strongly recommend that you make your reservations in advance, especially if you travel during the cold winters. It' a jewel and the charms and good humor of the Myanmar tribe will work on you! Here you will find a number of folks starting another night, and it is not (yet) overcrowded.

Besides the many buddhistic shrines, palagodas and convents all over Burma, we enjoy seeing and discovering colorful country settlements - especially Yangon and Pyin Oo Lwin. In Chinatown there are hawkers and sales booths that sell frying kebab, steak and tasty chickens; rickshaw and folks are out and about, especially in the afterlife.

Once you have seen the various goods and products being shipped onto the riverfront harbour area' s yachts, hike back to the Strand Hotel for a cool drink at the local pub or visit one of Yangon's tea houses for refreshment. In Pandonmar we were welcomed and had our good Myanmar buddies and operatives for dinner; L'Opera was serving tasty outdoor italian food on the lovely lawn of a mansion from the UK time on the shore of Lake Inya at the end of our trip - a lovely environment and something else.

After town Inle Lake was a joy and we could have stayed more than that! The Inle has some quite special "leg rowers" - the Intha, who are rowing in a upright position with one foot wound around an rudder. Besides the great fishers, the Intha are also trained locksmiths and joiners.

Tradicional industry and handicrafts such as seidenweaving and boating, handmade papers and sunshade making thrive between the stilt-house towns and the meticulously maintained swimming garden. Day-to-day fairs - alternating between the towns - were full of fruits and veggies, jewelry and clothes and authentic memorabilia - and the unbelievable Shan, Intha and Pa-O tribesmen with their unmistakable and tradition.

"It was my favorite place and I would like to go back and stay more there. These open and kind persons received us and gave us a warm welcome and sharing their life and their communities, which was a present. A further excursion on the Incle-See was to Inthein. It is a comfortable cruise down the sea, past open meadows and through tight canyons.

We had three very pleasant explorations of the area. Both of our kind boat guides took such good care of us that they always provided our comforts and our security. Our flight from Inle Lake took us from Heho to Mandalay and into the mountains in our air-conditioned bus. It is a more and more popular street as goods and products are transported from Burma to China - they get a better deal there.

Like it sometimes happens on trips, our plan had to be modified when we arrived at Hsipaw (Thibaw). The Hsipaw and the surroundings guarantee a few nights to live up to this; there are some nice walks and nice folks in this part of Burma. There was a celebration at the National Botanical Garden where we enjoyed the photos; in fact, we saw a series of breathtaking marriages during our stay in Burma - all with some great photoshoots, both before and during the marriage ceremonies.

It was a trip down and back from Pyin Oo Lwin to Mandalay for a brief stop before we left the streets for a river cruise on the great Irrawaddy River! During the two nights of river cruises from Mandalay to Bagan, everyone enjoyed the views of the river bank, got out of the boats at various places to see the temple and shrines and interact with the charm and friendliness of the villagers; the ladies and lesbians with their faces adorned with scented thinaka pastes - sometimes as a sunscreen, but also as decorations and their Longyi (sarongs).

In Yandabo, a pottery specializing town where the First Anglo-Burma Wars Friedensvertrag was officially concluded on February 21, 1826, we paused to observe how pans were tossed out of the rivers. Irrawaddy is linked to Burma's past; the ascent, descent and downfall of the old empires and a two-night or even two week boat trip on the Irrawaddy is a great way to get around Burma.

For 230 years Bagan was the powerful bamar kings' capitol, from the eleventh to the thirteenth century, and an unparalleled struggle to construct Stupas and sanctuaries began when the area was transformed from Hindu and Mahayana Buddhism to Theravada Buddhism. Located on a curve of the powerful Irrawaddy riverbank, the thousand of shrines and stupas here on this huge powdery plane are breathtaking, and whether you see them from a hot-air baloon, by car and carriage or by bike is entirely up to you - although the high temperature here in the plane is something to consider.

With all the attractions and sanctuaries, Burma has some nice sandy spots for a sunny, relaxing end to a trip, and Ngapali Beach has proven a great addition for some.

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