Travel in Burma 2016

Burma Travel 2016

It is much more interesting to visit Yangon, Myanmar's largest city, or the busy centre of Mandalay. Trustworthy advice about the best time to visit Burma, with information about when and when not, weather and unforeseeable events throughout the year. It has never been so easy to be anywhere in the world, so why choose Asia? Myanmar government travel restrictions apply to most border areas. Locate the best time to visit Burma (Myanmar), with information on climate, seasons and events from Audley specialists.

Visit Myanmar: 16 hints for organizing an independant Myanmar trip!

After traveling an unbelievable two independent week through Myanmar in late 2015, we wanted to exchange our trip recommendations with those of you who have Myanmar on your 2016 pail schedule. Myanmar's touristic landscape has skyrocketed in recent years and the touristic landscape has undergone dramatic changes since the opening of the state.

Here is our current guidebook with our handy hints and everything you need to know to plan a trip to Myanmar! If you would like more information and hints about Myanmar, please click here to learn more about our 2 week stay in Myanmar and our Bagan hints and suggestions! The times are over when you had to go to an Myanmar foreign mission to get an entry permit.

People with passports from 100 different nationalities are now eligible to obtain an e-visa, i.e. you can obtain a prior visas. The Yangon Aiport is the most important starting point for travel to Myanmar. Yangon is served on domestic routes to Chang Mai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo and Singapore and from three domestic airports:

From Yangon we came to Myanmar with Thai Airways and flew over Mandalay with Air Asia. During our stay in Myanmar, the accommodations were fantastic. Despite its position in Southeast Asia, Myanmar is not a cheaper place. In contrast to its neighbors such as Laos and Thailand, Myanmar is relatively pricey, in part for undersupply.

These are the properties we've selected in each city: Agoda is the best hotel reservation website for Asia due to the large selection of properties and highly competitively-priced list. Myanmar's native language is Kyat, but US dollar is also widely used and sometimes needed.

We' ve used a mixture of US dollar, euro and our bank cards to finance our trips. As the custom duties are complicated, it is important to have a mixture of US dollar, domestic deposit as well as a debt and charge cards as backup option. To convert it to Kyat, you must have an important one.

The banknotes must be in perfect working order and must not be wrinkled. Every single mark is thoroughly examined at the bureaux de exchange for defects, discolourations and wrinkles. There were some very good looking memos when we tried to convert our funds to Kyat.

The same strict controls have not been imposed on banknotes when we have directly financed a product or activity, for example when we pay for a hotel or driver. A number of establishments do not have automatic teller machine and ask for you to pay in full. Most of our properties are pre-booked through Agoda and payments have been made in advanced.

When you carry both the US dollar and Kyat, it is advisable to check the prices in both currency pairs to get the best value for your moneys. Burma was much more than we expected, so be sure you have a reasonable budge. Lodging and travelling in Myanmar is much more costly than in other Southeast Asia destinations such as Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam.

The prices of our luxurious properties were over $200 per room (the Inle Princess Resort is a good example of where luxurious properties are offered at $250 per room, see our report here) and other very good choices ranging from $100 to $150 (the Zfreeti was a great bagan at about $120 per night).

There is a good price for eating and Myanmar ale, and a good luncheon or supper with a few drinks was available for about $10d. A thousand kyats per kilometer we found a good estimate for taxicabs. Spacing is a much greater than time when prescribing the costs of setting a driver: a 12-hour journey around Yangon costs $70 while traveling further away to Golden Rock, a 2. 5-hour propulsion either way, was rated at $200.

In Myanmar natural gas is costly and contributes significantly to the costs. It' s possible to go between the different locations, but the cross country flights have better met our needs and were astonishing for our budgets. Do not count on the schedules, especially if you book a trip or another non-refundable post-trip time.

Have a look at our pack instructions here! Myanmar tourism seems to have seen a booming tourism sector that has not kept up with the infrastructures, and we have tried to save some of our chosen properties 2 month before our itinerary. If there is something special that you want to remain, it is important to make your reservation in time.

Inle Princess Resort, the stunning resort: The Myanmar web is a mixture of low speed and unavailability. It is often intolerable during the main solar shine and the advent of tourists' busses makes it hard to get astonishing images and move about. Strays are an outbreak in Burma. It was a good opportunity to talk to the personnel of the hotels and other people working in the tourism sector, such as cabbons and travellers.

You' ll be hearing many'Mingalaba' greetings when you see someone in Myanmar. There were two indigenous customs during our trips to Myanmar: Thanaka is a cosmetical pastes made of crushed rind, which is a beautiful Myanmar skincare products and also acts as sun protection. I am a very meticulous foodie and have eaten unbelievably well in Myanmar.

Lettuce and pasta are huge, regular hotel menus are tasty and restaurant are generally very good. A few hints for dining in Myanmar: Tasting pasta at overnight coach stations, fermenting tealeaf lettuce in our own restaurant and an astonishing selection of curry and sauces. Keep in mind that Myanmar is still relatively new for tourism.

Burma is a beautiful tourist spot, but it is still relatively new to bulk tourist destinations, so don't be expecting a smooth itinerary. Like any trip, it can be sometimes annoying, but it's best to just go with the current and take things the way they come! Burma is an astonishing travelling adventure and we love every second.

If you would like more information and hints about Myanmar, please click here to learn more about our 2 week stay in Myanmar and our Bagan hints and suggestions!

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