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A number of travel agencies in Yangon and Mandalay also take them on flights. At the same time as all the political changes taking place in the country, Myanmar is quickly becoming a place to visit. You should know all important information about Burma (Myanmar) before your Burma (Myanmar) tour. ("May Hninmu"), I am a qualified and licensed travel agency in Myanmar. Vacancies in the tourism and travel agency industry, e.

g. as a travel guide and driver as well as an office employee.

Myanmar's best tour operator for personal use! - Re-cave view of One Stop Travels & Privat Day in Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

Spending two nights in Mandalay, I thought it would be the best possible moment, although another would be less hectic. Mrs. Marlar was my tour leader and although she was very calm, she was very friendly and instructive. We' ve done some sight-seeing by road in Mandalay, Amarapura and sagaing as well as a cruise to Mingun and a horse-drawn carriage in Inwa.

I was taken to Mandalay with my next leader, Mr. Tin. Driving and the three outings in Bagan were the actual high point of my journey. Mr. Tin is one of the best tour books I've had in 25 years. Understanding that photographing was important to me on this journey, I felt that great photographic possibilities were being sought, especially in the non-tourist towns and cloisters.

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We are a nationally run enterprise offering a unparalleled mix of a global view and insights from a global view. Nobody knows Myanmar better than us. All of our employees have worked in the Myanmar tourism industry throughout their careers. We have been growing our store for the last 5 years and have recently relocated to new, large offices in central Myanmar.

We not only know the land inside out, but also have many connections to the best travel guidebooks and vendors of all kinds. Expeditions Myanmar will be able to offer a dependable countrywide experience while at the same times giving travelers the chance to get off the trails and experience unforeseen adventures and stimulating meetings with the locals.

While we have a number of off-the-shelf software bundles, most of the programs we offer are customized for each of our customers. Expeditions Myanmar is a long-term operation because we like what we do. A number of global agreements have been concluded with customers and we are supported by CBI, an agent of the Dutch State Department.

Myanmar Expeditions is benefiting from the service and support of a number of specialist advisors, among them a Cambridge-trained former junglesman who is now an environmentalist. Expeditions Myanmar, as a municipal enterprise, is giving something back to its people. She supports children's homes and other non-profit organisations and is currently involved in several sustainable development tourist activities, among them an ecological one.

Several of his tours are focused on these environmental activities.

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