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One-Stop Travel & Private Day Tours: Mibel in Mandalay, ask for her, she is absolutely brilliant. Tours & Travel in Crystal Zone: I' d be very careful how you organize your trip to Myanmar. It' a wonderful country, but there are some things you should know.

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We' re planing a journey to Myanmar in September. I' m currently working on the Mandalay tour and so far they've been very quick to reply to e-mails and very useful. I' ve never even seen this tourist agent. However, I have noted that there are many on-line agents that are not active in the hotel and tourist sector.

Ilke said above tour mandateay and Myanmar Joy, Myanmar tours ,Santa MarĂ­a are now more and more popular. Better have a look at the Frensh tourist boards. Been to Myanmar several time and know some folks, but have never even met this one. We' ve just got back from a 16-day voyage to Myanmar.

We' re independents who don't like packages. Mandalay Tour, at our wish, reserved all rooms, internal travel and provided all transfer services. Mandalay Tour answered all our emails promptly and completely and sent various proposals from now and then. When we arrived we got a parcel with all our airfares ( "Myanmar does not have e-tickets for internal travel "), gift certificates and a boating pass.

All in all, Tour Mandalay is proffesional, sincere and offers an excellent team. When' s the last trip to Burma and how was the update from Myanmar's journals? If we do not comply with our policies, we will delete any postings and we retain the right to delete postings for any cause.

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Myanmar - Welcome to Myanmar! This page provides quick access to all Myanmar tourist attractions and some of our pictures, tour by itinerary to give you an impression of what we can do. The majority of travels organized by our Myanmar agency are tailor-made travels, so don't hesistate to let us know your needs and tastes.

Myanmar Travel Company will be happy to arrange a one-of-a-kind and personalized trip for you. Myanmar didn't get the best media until recently. Yet it is not the simple choices in your lifestyle that lead to remarkable results, and the reward of a trip to Myanmar will reward the visitor's beliefs.

Myanmar has places like the great destroyed towns of Bagan or Mrauk U, the glistening Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon (Rangoon) and the gold rocks at Kyaiktyo, which are poised on its rocks and keep an astonishing aura. There and elsewhere in Myanmar, visitors to the twenty-first-century meet something from the past that has largely wiped out developments in neighboring states.

Rapidly forward to this day, and Myanmar is still a semi-isolated country. Myanmar's 1,500-mile coast stays untouched and intact. Burma is a caleidoscope, a captivating mixture of old civilizations, ethnical minority, landscape diversity, beautiful sandy shores, Buddhist tradition, gold sanctuaries and palagodas. Some of the residents of the capitals have gone from the hut to the high-rise, schoolchildren have gone from blackboards to computer programs, and there have been efforts to build malls.

/But back a road and it's a glamorous timeline; back outside the towns and don't stop for a while. There are many places that provide ocean and solar, recreation and adventures, fun and exploration - and Myanmar has it all. There is also the possibility for a visit to take a few moments to make a change - perhaps in the lives of a baby or in a town.

Traveling to Myanmar, the tourists' funds feed the family and bring the schoolchildren. It is for those who love art and history and are interested in ancient and contemporary Myanmar. The seven days of our trip cover the three most important towns of Myanmar: From Mandalay, the countrys capitol of civilization and with a visit to the tempe levels of Bagan and.....

The Myanmar Express Tours cover most of the country's culture attractions. From Mandalay you can explore the old imperial capital cities of Mandalay, Ava, Amarapura and..... It is a one-of-a-kind Myanmar journey in the mind of the adventurer....... Explore the wealth of culture of the Ayeyarwaddy ("Irrawaddy") and Central Myanmar's old civilisations and reign.

In eastern Myanmar, bordering China, Thailand and Laos, there is perhaps the largest minority ethnical group in Southeast Asia. Northeastern Myanmar's state of the River Shaan is a particularly intriguing place for ethnical meetings, hikes, cycling tours and other adventure such as bullcamping. The last unspoiled jungle, mountain pastures, snow-capped Himalayas, rugged streams, nature reserves and thinly inhabited wilderness areas are waiting for you.

Explore the untouched 800 Mergui (Myeik) archipelago in southern Myanmar, famous for its clear water and desolate little miles of sandy islets.

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