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A number of travel agencies in Yangon and Mandalay also take them on flights. At the same time as all the political changes taking place in the country, Myanmar is quickly becoming a place to visit. ("May Hninmu"), I am a qualified and licensed travel agency in Myanmar. Vacancies in the tourism and travel agency industry, e.g.

as a travel guide and driver as well as an office employee. Although it has opened up to the world, Myanmar had much more to offer than one would expect.

Myanmar's best travel agency for travel! - A look back at One Stop Travel & Privat Day in Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

Spending two nights in Mandalay, I thought it would be the best possible moment, although another would be less hectic. Mrs. Marlar was my tour guide and although she was very calm, she was very friendly and instructive. We' ve done some sight-seeing by road in Mandalay, Amarapura and Sagaing as well as a cruise to Mingun and a horse-drawn carriage in Inwa.

I was taken to Mandalay with my next guide, Mr. Tin. Driving and the three outings in Bagan were the actual high point of my journey. Mr. Tin is one of the best travel books I've had in 25 years. Understanding that photographing was important to me on this journey, I felt that great photographic possibilities were being sought, especially in the non-tourist towns and cloisters.

I am in the process of visiting Burma, would you or would you not suggest a travel agency? Anything I shouldn't miss?

I' d be very cautious how you organize your journey to Myanmar. Guidebooks have a tendency to take the same well-worn itinerary. Leaders are possessed by the sunsets. Fisherman and craftsmen at the Inle Sea faked it. Now I believe they use regular netting.

However, a walk to the hillside towns around Inle was one of the best things we did, so it is possible to get out of the touristcat. However, one of the reasons for an organized trip is that the transport structure is crummy.

In some areas of the land there is definitely a guide who cannot give you advice. Thankfully Began is a UNESCO protector, because whoever is responsible for the remainder of Myanmar's legacy should be killed. Part of the reason why I was a little bit disillusioned with my gecko trip through Myanmar was that it came after an astonishing trip to Sumatra organized by fearless travels.

The guidebook was really great and great at getting us off the well-trodden paths. Myanmar guide was very inflexible. Had I been you, I would certainly be checking what Intrepid Travel and their affiliate Exodus have in the state. To sum up: There are good reason for and against a visit to Myanmar as an individual traveler.

When you don't have much spare working hours, try to organize a trip. When you have tonnes of cash, a tailor-made trip where you can get the guide to do what you want to do would be great. Hello, we stayed one months in Burma in 2013. It was completely independent and without much effort.

After a visit to 75 different places, Myanmar felt one of the most secure after all. Kyaukme, a small station on the railway line between Pyin oo owin and Hsipaw (all off the normal route) was one of the best places we were in. Being the only expatriate visitor to this event (attended by several hundred locals), the Abbey himself asked us to talk to him about the outside Burmese people.

Concerning the normal trip, I really loved Yangon, part because we were there during the Thinkgyan Waters Festivals in early April and part because of the 19. street barbecue and cheaper beers in a vibrant Chinese urbanity. The leaders tell you to leave Yangon, I beg to differ, Yangon is an interesting world.

Also we found that Inle was a big touristic traps - but it is a nice one. TripAdvisor Myanmar Forums is the place to research: Burma Forums, travel discussion for Myanmar. One Stop Travel and Exotic Voyages are two of the most highly rated businesses. MyanmarOne Stop Travel & ToursTrip Report - 14 days in Myanmar, through Exotic VoyagesMyanmar trips through exciting places, exciting places & remote destinationsOne Stop is an expert travel agency located in Yangon and receives many good ratings on TripAdvisor.

More focused on luxurious travel, Exotic Voyages can offer multi-country travel as they have local office in a number of locations. Worth seeing are Yangon (the tourist centre of the land, the largest city), Inle Lake (exploration of culture and quietness) and Bagan (incredible archeological site with more than 2000 temples). You can also travel further to Mandalay, Myanmar's culture centre, further on to the western side of the antique town of Mrauk U, hike a few nights in the picturesque Shan state or enjoy a beautiful seaside vacation on unspoilt Ngapali Bay in the southern part, according to your travel times and tastes.

For my part, I didn't use a travel agency and got around. In 2009 I traveled to Burma (now formally named Myanmar) as a back packer. There were a bunch of cracks to get there then - busses were very full because of the big party, you had to exchange cash on the supermarket, there were no cash machines, no mobile telephones and you had to have crunchy, flawless $100s.

Traveling with a US travel pass was very tedious to get a visas (which you must do before your departure). I' ve been told there's an ATM in Yangon now and mobile telephones are more usual. but I went to the Inle Sea.

Don't forget to spend some quality in Yangon, just a few hours in teashops and so on. And Yangon is not like other capitals in Asia where you've been! Myanmar is the old name of Myanmar, one of the most enigmatic and explorative countries in the whole wide globe. Guides like per initit travel agency will help you to give the charming charm you restore when you realise the real tranquillity in every breath with a current offer of Myanmar's travel-packet.

This makes it easy to travel to all destinations in Myanmar and offers a wealth of sightseeing, from old temple field and pristine sandy beach to mythic caverns and sunsets with a Burma guide, falling in love within the authentically traditions and traditions of the world's most friendly of all.

Shenandaw Monastery: are the most important sights in Myanmar. When you plan to travel to Burma, I suggest you go to a travel agent in Myanmar to learn more about Myanmar.

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