Travel from Yangon to Myeik

Journey from Yangon to Myeik

From Dawei to Myeik Fast Ferry. From Dawei to Myeik Fast Ferry, the speedboat runs from the mouth of the Dawei River, bus ride to the jetty is included in the ticket. Journey to the capital Dawei and experience the sunset at the famous Maung Ma Gan Beach.

Kawthaung Dawei - Myeik - Kawthaung..... 2027 travel information! - Voices of the Tanintharyi Region

Kawthaung Dawei - Myeik - Kawthaung..... 2027 travel information! South Burma is really interesting and there are of course much less visitors than Inle/Mandalay/Bagan and so on. Dawei in particular has a lot to do with local and international visitors lately. Through the open frontier at Htee Kee/Phu Nam Ron you arrive in Dawei from Bangkok in one single working days.

There' s a VERY low speed rail from Dawei to Ye and then to Yangon. So, Ye is not the southernmost railroad terminal. Today more and more visitors camp on various shores of the Dawei-penninsula. Dawei, Myeik and Kawthaong are no longer sailing because the roads have greatly changed in recent years.

Travelling to Myeik by rail, coach or miniibus is simple and convenient, and the only way to get from Myeik to Kawthaung is by coach. Boat trips from Myeik to various island also with accommodation are becoming more and more common and cheaper, but are still quite costly; no dives as far as I know.

Are you supposed to go south Myanmar? YES definitely, if you want to live the land away from the big touristic centres. Myeik in particular still has the same feeling as the remainder of Myanmar 15-20 years ago. Remember that in the south of Myanmar everything changes very quickly, but this means that the tourism industry and especially the tourism industry is improving from year to year:

Journey to the deep south of Maymar

Myeik got bogged down when the trip to Dawei was cancelled, so my 2 full day trip in Myeik vs. a 2-hour motorcycle tour through Dawei Town ( (not enough spare hours to go to the beach) is much more beautiful. You can' t go to the island without a license.

I and my boyfriend asked about it because we can look a little bit like Burma and talk a little bit like Burma, so we asked ourselves if we could persuade a native fishermen to take us for a while. Not going to the harbour on the isle ( (you can see the lying Buddha from the side of town), we did a motorcycle tour over the Kwe-Ku Kyauk Brücke.

According to the card, we must have taken the same street and footbridge by coach, as they are all part of the Dawei-river. Because of the long travel time, the busses broke down and the horrible timetables we drove through at nocturnal.

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