Travel from Yangon to Bagan

Trip from Yangon to Bagan

What is the best way to travel from Yangon to Bagan? You will find a suitable path for yourself, depending on your timing, budget and travel style. By bus from Aung Mingalar to Bagan. When you are under time pressure, flying is the fastest way to Bagan. Many domestic airlines from Mandalay, Heho and Yangon fly non-stop to Nyaung U airport.

Best 3 ways to travel from Yangon to Bagan

Myanmar's main targets are Yangon and Bagan. You can be sure that these places are different from all the towns you have visited in your lifetime. Since Yangon is a centre with an internatonal airfield and most of you will be arriving in Yangon on your first night, a few overnight stays in Yangon will help you to get a short orientation about Myanmar.

The next target we strongly suggest is Bagan, known as the ancient land of Burma. So how can you travel from Yangon to Bagan? You will find a way for yourself according to your schedule, your budgets and your travelyle. Below is our information for the transport from Yangon to Bagan.

While you can select a perfect choice, remember that all these trips will give you memorable adventures over a great vacation in Myanmar. It is 611 km from Yangon. Travelling by midnight coach can help you saving a great deal of cash (the cost of a coach pass is about 20USD/person for an air-conditioned V.I.P. coach and you can book 1 nights in a hotel).

It' a very good option if you're not ill and can stay on the coach, as it's quite loud when you travel with locals and the drivers turn on Myanmar sounds. Buses usually leave Yangon at 6pm and arrive in Bagan around 4am (the next day).

So, if you decide on an accommodation coach, make sure you reserve your Bagan accommodation in anticipation and get ready for the shuttle from the coach terminal to your accommodation. Myanmar's Indonesian rail standards are not as high as in other Asian nations such as Vietnam or Thailand, etc. It is incredibly sluggish, the car is loud and your berth in the cab is quite difficult to get to rest.

When you are looking for a nice landscape, when you travel by rail, don't be disappointed, because we will give you a warning in advanced, the landscape is not all beauty. You' ll cross many towns that are among the least lived you' ve seen on your journey. However, the most unforgettable feeling when changing trains from Yangon to Bagan is 15-17 hrs on the jumble.

You cannot buy your rail pass at the railway terminal and you will need to buy it from some travel agencies in central Yangon. Prices are from 35 to 50USD/oft sleeper/ ticketing. There is no meals and drinks in the price of the pass, so you should make a quick lunch or a beverage for your long trip to Bagan.

You can also buy a takeaway on the tram. Usually the trains leave Yangon at 16.00 and arrive in Bagan at 10.00 (the next day). Flying is the simplest way from Yangon to Bagan. When you don't have much free space and don't want to stay long in a night bus/train, you should definitely take a plan.

It is probably the best carrier, but you can also select between Myanmar Airways and Ambassador Almond. Fares are quite high: from 95 - 155USD/fairly priced according to flight timetable and carrier. When choosing this service you should reserve the Bagan hotels in advanced and also the transfers from Bagan's Nyaung-U airports to your city.

ยป In addition, cruising on the Yangon to Bagan is an interesting way to get from Yangon to Bagan with many good experience, take a look at Yangon Bagan cruise and find your best journey with us!

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