Travel from Thailand to Myanmar

Trip from Thailand to Myanmar

Date of travel: private tour with flexible date of travel. There are astonishing contrasts in Thailand. Out of the gentleness of the Wai, the traditional Thai greeting, to fold his palms in a gesture. So where do you want to go? Thailand's government has warned tourists not to travel to these areas.

Traveling from Thailand to Myanmar

There is a itinerary from the Thai frontier to Myanmar with a stop in Hpa-An, the capitol of the state of Kayin. The area is a stunning landscape and now boasts a large selection of accommodation, from simple to luxury. At Hpa-An, travellers can discover Mount Zwekabin, the emblem of the state of Kayin, or see some of Myanmar's most spectacular Caverns.

Southbound to the metropolis of Mon State, the town of Monlamyine, will make this tour even more exciting. A cruise on the Thanlwin River connects these two states. Home of the greatest lying Buddha, it reminds us how deep the Buddha faith is in those far-flung areas of Myanmar.

Visitors can also visit the Gold Rock and Kyaiktiyoagoda, one of the most venerated places of Buddhism in Myanmar. This huge gold rock and the peak precarious picture of the pit is an icon in Southeast Asia. You can spend a day at the top of the hill that hosts the Gold Rock before continuing to Yangon, a town formerly ruled by the Mon.

Myanmar and Thailand Tours

Myanmar and Thailand have a longstanding war between the Myanmar and Thai people, which makes for a wonderful vacation combo. Together, the two lands share more than 2,000 km of coastline and have a lot of scenic beauties, from the jungles of the north to the unspoilt sandy shoreline but while Thailand has long since become firmly rooted on the tourism trail, Myanmar has only recently opened itself up to people.

The combination of the two allows you to experience Thailand's superb amenities and service while you spend quality leisurely hours in a land ready for great things to visit the breathtaking Buddha temple and historical city. 13-days trip to Thailand and Myanmar (Burma). Experience the high points of North Thailand and Myanmar on this 13-day trip, which begins in Bangkok and ends in Yangon.

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