Travel from Myanmar to Laos

Trip from Myanmar to Laos

Cost-effective' depends on what you mean by the term, and it also depends to some extent on the season. As you cannot cross the border between Myanmar and Laos, the cheapest way from Mandalay is to fly with Bangkok Airways to Chiang Mai and then continue by land to Laos. They have to go through Thailand and here is the easiest way: Take a flight to Myanmar Tachileik Airport. We start our day early and drive to Laos for an optional extension trip.

Travelling from Myanmar to Laos

Do not misunderstand, but why did you decide to go to Myanmar if you do not know what to see there? And the many strings on the travel routes in this part of Myanmar. As''cost effective'' depends on what you mean by the word, and it also depends to a certain degree on the season.

As you cannot travel across the Myanmar-Laos frontier, the cheapest way from Mandalay is to take Bangkok Airways to Chiang Mai and then continue by road to Laos. For a more relaxed and beautiful scenery, turn around -- head to Mandalay and drive across country from Yangon to the Thai frontier at Myawaddy, then take a coach to Chiang Mai and continue.

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Hello, My boyfriend and I are going to Thailand, Myannmar, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia in January. A few of the places are Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Bagan, Luang Prabang, Siem Reap, but it is difficult for us to find the best way to travel between all these stations. After a visit to Myanmar we wanted to go directly to Laos, but apparently there is no way to get across the Myanmar frontier by overland.

Myanmar, to and from Bagan.

Trip from Myanmar to Laos

Myanmar and Laos, the most relaxed and least researched areas of Indochina, are the perfect tourist destination for those seeking unspoilt nature and genuine Southeast Asia. There is a shared frontier between the two nations that allows them to cross land, but permission is required to leave Myanmar, which is time-consuming and costly.

Bangkok between Yangon and Vientiane takes about 4h. Visiting the fantastic Yangon Floors in Myanmar, the old Bagan sanctuaries, drive on the magic Inle Lake and the Mandalay Culture Center in Myanmar. At Laos, just take it slowly and savour it.

Following a one-day sightseeing in Vientiane, move to Luang Prabang. Excursion to Kuang Si waterfall to enjoy the beautiful Kuang Si waterfalls and swimming in the crystalline water. All of our trips to Myanmar and Laos are self-sufficient and tailor-made by our travel professionals so that even the smallest detail is taken into account.

11 - 13 day holiday with the best of Myanmar and Laos. This 13-day trip through Myanmar and Laos is full of surprises, which will allow 22 nights and more to combine the best from several Indochina lands. The panorama through Indochina.

This trip is intended for travellers who have enough spare hours to make a thorough investigation..... Burma & Laos travel guide updates:

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