Travel from Bagan to Ngapali Beach

Trip from Bagan to Ngapali Beach

Hello, most of the contributions to this trip are somewhat older and it seems that the information is very quickly outdated. I'm in Myanmar in March. There are two ways to get from Bagan to Ngapali Beach. I spend some time in Bagan and Mandalay. Get Ngapali Beach travel tips from our experts.

Ngapali Beach from Bagan - Ngapali Message Board

Im trying to find a way to get to Ngapali Beach of Bagan. Anybody know of any Bagan-Ngapali coach? There are no departures, as most places are closed during the monsun. You can take the coach via Magwe. Take the coach from Bagan to Magwe to take the coach to the beach in Pyay, take the coach Aung Kabar_small of 15 Seat.

Name of New Generation or Ye Aung Lan, bus to the beach. Hello, I want from Bagan to Ngapali, then Ngapali to Yangon in December. Are the busses still the same? or are the December services on time? Hello, can you indicate the website where the flight is or will be available and when? from Bagan to Nhgapali?

Hello, can you indicate the website where the flight is or will be available and when? from Bagan to Nhgapali?

From Bagan via Pyay to Ngapali Beach by coach

Despite the possible air link we want to go by coach from Bagan to the beach of Ngapali. Well, I suppose we'll have to spend the night in Pyay. It is a great city for a break and the landscape from Pyay to Ngapali is beautiful. I' m afraid I have no up-to-date information on travel.

I had one night coach a night every night when I did it, and the street was terrible. Since then, I know the street has been significantly upgraded. Bagan-Thandwe would cost about $400/4pax. It would be a little dull if the Pyay-Ngapali link were over night, because there would be no landscape to see.

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Burma tour packages to Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay

Myanmar (Burma), which has preserved its old traditions, civilization and pristine beauties, seems to be a far away land from fashion. Take one of our personal Myanmar tours or arrange your own Burma travel package, you will have an memorable time. LocationMyanmar, or Burma, is a South East Asia country and a member of ASEAN (Association of South East Asia Nations).

It is officially called the Republic of Myanmar. Myanmar's north-western part borders on India and Bangladesh and the south-east on Thailand and Laos. PopulationThe nations, with its populace of 51. 4 million, has 135 distinct nationalities. Most of the Bamar people make up 68% of the entirety.

In Myanmar, Kyats can only be converted into US Dollar or Euro, and only hard copy memos without stains or folds will be acceptable. CapitalNay Pyi Taw is the main city of Myanmar, situated in a pool on the Sittang riverbank in the central part of the nation with 1.16 million inhabitants.

Administration DepartmentThe state is split into seven states and seven territories. Faiths and ReligionsMost people in Burma believe in Buddhism, and a large part of them identify themselves as Buddhists. If you have a keen religious awareness in the land, you can see a monk in cassock and with rainshades. Today, Myanmar is no longer the most insulated people in Southeast Asia.

A thousand gleaming coupons have been witnesses to the evolution of the land. Travellers can see the past and new lives being integrated here. Swedagon Pagoda, Sule Pagoda, Karaweik Palace; Bagan: In general, November to next February - the arid and chilly period is the best period to take Myanmar holiday packages, for the clear saison.

Prevent the hottest period from March to May and the wet seasons from mid-May to October. Aeronautical transport is the most frequent type of entry. In many Asian destinations there are airlines offering non-stop services to Myanmar, such as Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Vietnam and China.

Flying from Bangkok to Yangon is the most comfortable. Travellers who wish to gain entry to the countryside can do so from China or Thailand. In the countryside there are various means of transport such as planes, train, long-distance bus and ferry. Burma is a Theravada Buddhist nation where Tibetans dedicate great devotion to Buddhism, so do not challenge the religion in the state.

Furthermore, you should not speak about politics while travelling, as they still have a military-political composition. After all, it is better not to dress in petrol tanks, short skirts or mini skirts because of its traditional conservatism. Myanmar's story can be retraced back to 5,000 years ago. In 1044, after being a unitary state, the land underwent three great feudal dictatorships - Pagan Empire (1044 - 1297), Taungoo Dynasty (1531 - 1753) and Konbaung Dynasty (1752 - 1885).

Between 1886 and 1948, more than 60 years of imperial rule were spent on this territory, marking the nation's liberation in 1948. Myanmar has a higher northern and a lower southwestern coast line of more than 1,200 mile ("1,930 km"). It is a hilly northern part of the countryside, with hilly and hilly areas to the western side and high plains to the eastern side.

Hkakabo Razi at the northern tip is with 5.881 meters the highest peak of the state.

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