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Burma Holidays in Myanmar Independent Travel 2018/2019 They are the location experts and know everything about where you want to spend your holidays. To have us call you, please fill in your number. Whenever possible, please let us know your group sizes, approximate itinerary and the type of experience you would like to have during your vacation.

Would you rather talk on the telephone? If so, give us your telephone number and the best possible call date and we will call you! You are really looked after and we handle your information safely and with respect.

Explore the Golden Hills of Burma (Myanmar)

There is a one-time shuttle from Yangon International to the group accommodation in the Land Only travel package. Anybody can use this shuttle, but customers who make their own preparations must verify the times immediately before depart. Customers travelling on previous or later departures can arrange an extra charge for an autonomous shuttle to and from the international airports, or there is a dependable taxicab available, which is about $10 for a ride to the grouptel.

Customers who book a Land Only Package MUST give the KE offices all the flight information. You will receive the hotel's address and an urgent number with your reservation confirmations. During the journey you will be accommodated in a motel for your visit to the city, but you will stay with a host family on the tour.

We have 7 overnight stays in comfortably furnished lodge and hotel accommodations; 2 in Yangon, 2 in Bagan, 1 in Mindat, 1 in Kampalat and 1 in Mandalay. During the hike you will spend 5 overnight stays in a simple overnight stay in a mixture of town houses and community assembly rooms.

Accomodation is shared with several persons who share each room. Bagan, Mandalay and Yangon hotels are located in luxurious coach category double rooms with private bathrooms. When you travel alone, you will be matched with another customer of the same family.

A surcharge for a one-bedroom can be booked according to availabilty. Please see the page with the data and rates of the journey on our website for details of hotels and surcharges. From your first day in Yangon until your last day in Yangon, the group will be guided by an English speaker and expert tour leader.

You cannot get the country code before your depart. You can easily change US Dollar in Yangon. Since most of your travelling expenses will be exchanged on the date of your stay, we suggest that you take a purse or similar secure means of transport.

One cannot count on being able to find an ATM, change traveller's checks or use Burma's bank accounts. As a thank-you present to all our customers who have booked a KE-vacation. After making your reservation, you can make your choice in your My KE bankroll.

If you are flying internationally, please checked your free luggage with your carrier. As soon as the minimal number is met, the journey state changes from "Available" to "Guaranteed running". For each departures, you can review the journey state in the'Dates and prices' chart. Except in special cases, we will not reverse a journey once it has obtained this guarantee so that you can continue with your scheduled intercontinental reservation and other preparations.

Inquire at the responsible German ambassador or the responsible German diplomatic missions. You are responsible for ensuring that you have the right credentials and visa for your holidays. When you are traveling outside the EU, you should have at least 2 empty pages in your pass for each of the countries you are visiting.

It is advisable to consult your physician or your health care provider to determine if you need special inoculations or other preventative actions. If you are traveling from one of the danger zones for more than 12 hours through an airfield in one of the danger zones for avian flu, a green infection certification is necessary.

You should also have a dental examination on public holiday in more distant areas. Travel Health Pro is a good on-line resources. You are advised to take part in a week-long training program prior to your journey. KE, a renowned travel agency, is supporting the "Travel Aware" initiative of the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Offices to help UK residents get ready for their trips abroad.

The' Traveller Aware' website provides a unique, binding resource for all types of travelers and we encourage all KE customers to consult the UK Government's formal website at uk before traveling and the FCO trip notes for their selected destinations. Americans can also go to the U.S. State Department website at gov for important trip information and hints.

KAeFeR treats the customer's health and wellbeing as the most important part of any journey we organize. There would be no journey that we do not consider reasonably secure. If the Bundeskartellamt advises against a journey for any reasons, we will get in touch with all the persons who have been reserved to talk about the current status.

Please contact our offices if you have any queries regarding our services. There are three distinct periods, the "cold" period, from October to February, when the Yangon weather is between 20 and 30ºC, the "hot" period, from March to May, with mean annual weather of about 30-35ºC and the rainy (monsoon) period, from May to October.

is more susceptible to chills than Mandalay and Bagan further in the North.

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