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Myanmar Travel and Tourism

Asia Travel Association. It is the most famous beach in the country visited by tourists.

In Myanmar, sustainable tourism should begin to protect the culture of society and improve the economy of local and ecological protected areas. Applicants have been accepted for inclusion in the Tourism Travel and Research division. Finding job offers in gastronomy & tourism?

This is what we mean by "sustainable tourism".

Burma has recently opened up to "mass tourism" and the number of tourists arriving in Myanmar is increasing. Considering the possible effects of these newcomers on community life, the importance of establishing and sustaining viable forms of travel for the benefits of all stakeholders becomes clear.

Myanmar is the biggest in Southeast Asia, followed by Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. Most of Myanmar's more than 54 million inhabitants, however, have no previous experiences with visiting countries and their effects on them. With more and more international visitors coming to Myanmar, our travel agents and our visitors need to be very aware of the effects of our exposure on these newcomers.

This is what we mean by "sustainable tourism". Therefore, Myanmar's travel should not be a one-way road, but anyone directly or remotely connected with travel should benefit in one way or another. This concept was not only misused and overused because of the powerful advertising behind the concept of "eco", but it also focuses on the ecology and its conservation for the next tourists behind us.

Our wholeheartedly endorses the idea that our engagement in promoting sustainability in the tourist industry also encompasses the present and potential needs of the communities, their cultures and customs, their way of living, their financial well-being and their individual wellbeing. All that we as travel agents and our visitors do will play an important part in one or all of these three areas.

It is our choice how we invest, how we invest the tourists' funds and how we make sure that our funds are used to underpin the three cornerstones of sustainability in our world. It is about making smart and educated decisions to make a difference in Myanmar. Our aim is to provide adventurous trips for recreational and corporate travelers, whether single travelers, pairs, families or small groups, in a sustained way to reduce environmental impacts while at the same time respectful of and preserving our communities' cultures and customs and supporting the community economy where we work.

It is our aim to create a lifelong study structure in our organisation in order to promote personal talents and self-enjoyment. Thinking about each article, please think about how the decisions we make can affect the locals. Consider "green tourism" and "environmentally friendly" touring. Travelling with small group tours, as these are usually less polluting.

Emphasize the need to visit game in their own environment or in well-managed game reserves, instead of zoos where domesticated game is used for tourism enjoyment, such as soccer before a paid number. Prevent all wilderness trips that promises intimate or practical meetings with cattle.

Select travel agencies that do not disrupt the game world. They are accustomed to and dependent on human beings by eating game, which can cause attack and probably later weaning. Do not buy anything from threatened flora or fauna, including non-sustainable deciduous forest and antique artifacts.

Don't help anyone who uses these pets as a source of livelihood. Our goal is to make smart choices about how our touristy funds are used to make sure that their advantages are distributed to our community, not just to large hotels or even outside the state. Away from the well-trodden paths and away from the masses of tourists to distribute the commercial value of travel to places that get less than the touristic hot spots.

Prefer home-made produce that supports your community. Help tribal craftsmen and try to buy directly from these performers to help them help their homes and maintain their ancestors. Thoroughly selected travel agents who return to your community, employ your guide and take a leadership position in the conservation of the region's physical and environmental assets and heritages.

Do more than just take pictures of the municipalities you are visiting. Included in this may be volunteering registration, cultural exchange, touristic benefit distribution, and good -hearted and respectable conduct. It can have a deep influence on a country's cultural and lifestyle.

Aim is to have only a beneficial influence on the population with little or no lifestyle changes. Don't encourage companies that only supply tourism (especially those from abroad), as over the years these companies will take over the retailing environment of the indigenous communities and have a significant influence on the area.

Be supportive of your country's artisans and don't buy from suppliers who sell sticky overseas memorabilia. Be supportive of those preparing regional cuisine rather than those serving international dishes that some people like. Have an open mind and promote a more immersive journey by respectful of your own culture and tradition, no matter how different they are from what you are used to.

Familiarize yourself with all of the locals' habits and habits before your arrival so that you can conduct yourself properly. This will also help you get some hands-on experience so that you can show your interest in the game. When photographing humans, be very discrete. Do not have borders to dive into your own culture.

A part of the travelling adventure is to get the chance to get out of our comfortable area and to enjoy other food, other sounds and other culture. Nothing of this is hard to accomplish, and we know that most travelers will have no difficulty in pursuing these destinations during their journey. Our decisions can have a significant effect on the locals today, in the future and in the long run.

Let us make wise decisions and safeguard the communities and the natural world, while we have a beneficial influence on everything and everyone has come across it directly or through it. Secure Travel!

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