Travel and Tourism in Myanmar

Myanmar Travel and Tourism

The first China-Myanmar tourism course opens today in Yangon First China-Myanmar Professional Tourism and China-Myanmar Hotels course will open in Yangon on Thursday, thanks to the collaboration between the People' s Republic of China and the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. The Dehong School of Yunnan teaches 30 young waitresses in the Dehong School.

After this first education they will pursue their education in the hospitality and tourism sector. After this first round, we are hoping to open more classes for Myanmar's young people. Personnel is important in the tourism sector. The Myanmar Times, on 13 September, said Mr Chen, Assistant Head of Missions and Council of Ministers, "We should also concentrate on other areas, such as inter-country teamwork.

A China-Myanmar Tourism Working Group is responsible for the development of tourism in Myanmar. U Yan Win, chairman of the Myanmar Tourist Board, an organization that supports the internship, said at the Yangon newsroom. "We have already welcomed 2.2 million tourist arrivals and expect to have over 4 million overseas by the end of the year.

This is why such programmes are so important for our people," said U Yee Mon, Deputy Minister of Hotel and Tourism. Aircraft travelling between China and Myanmar can only carry 100 travellers at a stretch. He said the PRC would work to raise the number of carriers with better capacity.

"The youngest carriers and air capacities are small compared to the close ties of trust between China and Myanmar. In addition, the hospitality sector still needs to evolve as Myanmar interests Chineses, but there is not enough accommodation for all travellers at a higher price," Mr Chen said. It has 1.3 billion inhabitants, 122 million of whom were visiting international locations in 2016.

A quarter of Thailand's international guests come from China. In the past year, almost 9 million visiting China, Chen said. But only a few of China's tourism to Myanmar is coming, which is why they want to expand it. "It is more costly for a Chinaman to spend a whole weekend in Myanmar than to travel to Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore due to the price of a city.

Although we make a greater contribution to Myanmar through FDI, few FDI reaches the hospitality market, as this is not a major focus for China's FDI in Myanmar. We are trying to convince the public and privately held companies to buy into Myanmar's hospitality industry," Chen said.

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