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They' re friendly and always make our trip safe and pleasant. Bagan and our tour guide Naing Naing were the highlights of our trip. Burma offers all kinds of travel opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds. Travel & Tours Co.,Ltd.

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In June the wet seasons begin, which cool the temperature a bit, but it is not advisable to go to Ngapali Beach, as many resort and hotel buildings are closed during this time. Attention: The Asian climate can be unforeseen and we recommend that you bring an parasol or an eavesdropper, no matter what time of year you are travelling.

The Thingyan is the biggest New Year feast in Myanmar. The five days New Year's Eve begins in mid-April and is also known as the waterproof one. It symbolizes the purification of the sin of the past year and is practised in a traditional way by spreading it over others. Today it has become more of a battle of waters as fire brigade tubes, pails, water bombs and guns flood the crowd!

Tadingyut, or the Light festival, is the second largest event of the year and is held towards the end of October. There is a second celebration of light in November to mark the end of the wet seasons, the day of Tuazaungdaing. As a nationwide celebration, in certain areas such as Lake Inle and Shan State, cyclone shaped ballons full of candle shaped bubbles are let into the sky to expel bad people.

Yangon provides a uniquely diverse view of Myanmar's city and countryside in a land more known for its tranquil countryside than its citys. The faded colorful architectural style, the pulsating roads, the intriguing historic places and the wealth of magnificent shrines make it an ideal place to explore the city. Yangon is one of the most beautiful and impressive towns in Southeast Asia, from the many newsstands, teashops and Betelblatsvendors to the inquisitive, cheerfully clad people.

Situated about 900 meters above sealevel, Lac Inle is a welcome getaway from the crushing temperatures of lower Myanmar. It is also the second biggest one. Apart from the stunning mountains, one of the most convincing motivations for visiting Lac Inle is the exceptional cultural heritage and richness of the colorful ethnical groups that live there.

Intha, the biggest ethnical group, are best known for their distinctive oarsmanship. It is said that Inle Lake is the only place in the worid where this practise is practiced, and it is an important element in Inle Lake's reputation as one of the most photoogenic places in Asia.

The former Myanmar's imperial capitol, Mandalay is the country's second-biggest town. Mandalay is one of the best places in the world to discover and live the intriguing Myanmar countryside's rich history and history.

Famed for its otherworldly rises and sets, Bagan is considered one of the best places in Asia for both historic explorations and stunning photography. The Golden Rock, or Kyaiktio Pagoda, is one of the most important places of Buddhism in Myanmar. Myanmar is usually not at the top of the agenda when travelers are considering a seaside holiday in Southeast Asia - and that's what makes it so surprising.

Secluded from the outside environment for centuries, Myanmar's coastal shores are among the most pristine and unexplored in Asia. Myanmar is the best place for those who love sandy shores, with over two thousand kilometres of shoreline, thousand of secluded paradisiacs, clear waters and unparalleled culturality.

Take a trip to Ngapali Beach, Ngwe Saung or the Myeik Archipelago to explore a completely different side of Myanmar and Asia. This is one of the most exciting experiences in Asia and promises a unique photo opportunities at the same time. If you want to take impressive pictures of your Asian adventures home to show yourself to your loved ones and your families, a raft in a warm aeroplane over Bagan is the final show.

From Inle Lake to Kalaw, a hike takes you through some of Myanmar's most scenic landscapes. As you enjoy the famous local host family atmosphere, laugh and have a nice glass of coffee before driving through small valley and gentle hill country to enjoy one of the best outdoor activities in Myanmar.

Enjoy the varied and lively lifestyle at the Incle-See, where the residents cultivate centuries-old tradition. Float through the swimming towns, sanctuaries and backyards as you cycle along this vast pond. This is a brief excursion from Mandalay, U-leg, over a kilometre through the flat water of Taungthaman Sea.

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