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""This was the most amazing journey to an incredible country. Discover the country with our Myanmar Travel Blog. I' m definitely going on another Travel Log tour on my next vacation. an Asian country that offers you a completely different travel experience. The Snowbirds is a travel agency in Myanmar.

Myanmar/Burma Travel & Tours

Burma is a new and up-and-coming travel region in Southeast Asia. Burma - the Golden Land - is full of culture and nature. It is home to countless agodes, sanctuaries, historical and archeological monuments, snow-capped hills, lush woods, countless streams and stunning seas, pristine shores and distinct ethnical groups that make Myanmar the most exciting and intriguing travel destinations in Asia.

The ideal selection for your ideal trip! In recent years, Myanmar's tourist industry has developed rapidly and today's facilities offer an ever-increasing range of accommodations, gastronomy and comforts. While Myanmar may change, its kindness, the appeal that underlies it, is there. It is now time to explore this exceptional country with its gold-plated coupons, where the ancient paths of Asia continue and areas that were previously taboo open up.

Burma hopes for the biggest cultural country in Southeast Asia.

Burma hopes for the biggest cultural country in Southeast Asia. But there are few who have travel experience with 7 states and 7 departments. Myanmar is a country of pagoda, fantastical beauties, tropical wildlife, old cultures and stunning landscapes.

In the northern part of the state we could see the snow-capped hills in the state of Kachin, across the vast main plain to the sea-drawn banks at the south. Humans still perform rituals and rituals.

Whatever ethnical regions you are visiting, peoples have lived in ancient ways. Yet it' traditional times tradition': customs are customs. Every year Myanmar holds monthly church celebrations. All over the land they are celebrated in reverence, the dedication to the faith can be seen in the omnipresent couples all over the world.

Arrival in Yangon Arrival in Yangon Arrival in Yangon Arrival in Yangon Arrival in Yangon - Bagan (flight) Arrival in Yangon - Bagan (car) Arrival in Mandalay - Amarapura -... 1 - Sanctuaire de la faune de la zone humide de Moeyungyi 2- Sanctuaire de la faune d'Indawgyi 3- Sanctuaire de la faune de Meinmahla Kyun......... 1st and 2nd days 1- Arrival in Yangon - Bago - Kyaikhtiyo 2nd days - Kyaikhtiyo - Bago - Yangon 3rd days - Yangon - Sightseeing Departu...

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