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Myanmar travel agency

Discover travel agencies in Yangon with the help of your friends. Myanmar Travel and Tours Company Ltd, is a trusted travel agency in Myanmar. One-Stop Travel & Private Day Tours: The best travel agency in Myanmar! OUR PARTNER TOUR OPERATORS AND TRAVEL AGENCIES.

Cross-border overland tours

The best part of the journey was to travel with a group of 5 bikes. On OSUGA Myanmar everything was well arranged and we highly commend them. In October 2016 I travelled through Myanmar from India to Thailand, from Spain overland, by motorbike, together with 3 other cyclists, all from different states.

This was an unforgetable event, both for the very good organisation of the OSUGA and for this beautiful state! Burma has much to show and few had come to this unbelievable land. To be one of these individuals, we have a large selection of day trips for you to do.

On all our tours you will be accompanied by an English speaking guide so that you have someone to ask you all your queries. Tell us how you see your Myanmar experience and we will meet your needs. To be able to provide an individual approach, you can simply reserve a personal guided visit for yourself or your group.

From India to Thailand or the other way around, we have all kinds of permissions to pass through Myanmar by overland. When you don't have your own car, just sit back and unwind! You can also tour the countryside on our own motorcycles. Each of our trips includes an assistant car to accompany you and an English speaking guide.

Securely reserve your trip on line. Best holidays in Myanmar! No matter what your needs, Osuga Myanmar has arranged a trip for you and your fellow travellers. If you want to spend a unique experience with our Myanmar Tours or more with our classical tours, we are pleased to present you Myanmar.

For the adventurous and in search of the right actions, our bicycles are ready for you to explore the magic places of the area. For those who are travelling around the globe in their own cars, we will gladly organise your own tours according to your requirements.

If you have little or don't want to miss something, we also provide tailor-made tours with transfers. Our topmost commandment is to satisfy our customers, so we give you complete liberty to organize your tour according to your wishes. Don't miss our tailor-made private tours!

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