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We have 20 years of tour organisation in Asia. Our travel agency in Myanmar is characterised by a strong travel enthusiasm and dedication to excellent services. Disovery goes the additional distance before and during your journey to make sure your stay is a unique one. Thank you for the great pleasure we are able to receive you in Myanmar.

Discoveries enjoy designing trips that are tailored to the needs and desires of their clients. Away from the well-trodden paths, the extraordinary and adventure, the pedagogical and the mental give us special treat. Regardless of the route chosen, our visitors are provided with the right thing - in such a way that they do not harm our indigenous cultures and eco-systems.

With Discovery, you're not just talking about a face-less travel plant. Nobody will work more than the Discovery crew to make your dreams come truer. Wherever you want to go in Myanmar, and whatever you want to do, the Discovery crew was there.

Explore, learn and discover our travel experience. Our passion is to create one-of-a-kind and personalized trips that will last a life time. TRAVELINGSTIL?

Travellers who leave Myanmar will be penalised.

Travellers are confronted with a black list if they allow their clients to remain abroad after their holidays, the authorities have cautioned. Myanmar Times last weeks U Myo Win Nyunt, head of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, said she would take steps against travel agents who make it easier for illicit labourers to travel abroad.

Meanwhile, a travel pro said there could be up to 10,000 alien illicit laborers in Myanmar who came into the U.S. on touristic visa. Mr Win Nyunt said that the agents would be held accountable for the returns of all their clients from over sea travel and could loose their license if they did not do so.

"We haven't done anything yet since we've issued licenses to foreign travel agents. However, we can take steps and revoke licenses if a business is leaving a Myanmar resident abroad," he said. Thet Lwin Toh, chairman of the Union of Myanmar Travel Association, said that "dishonest" clients had taken packages with the intent of looking for a career abroad in Japan, Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

U Thet Lwin Toh recalled an event last year when a mom abandoned her subsidiary to find work in Japan and said the Japanese embassy put the travel agent on the blacklist. "Other messages will do so, unless travel agents take measures to make sure their clients follow the regulations.

Thet Lwin Toh added that many Myanmar residents also work illicitly with touristic visa purchased through travel agents. "It' s customary for the Department to investigate and take measures against unlawful alien labour. Over 10,000 aliens who came here as travel agents are working here illegally," he estimates the numbers of the works.

A number of foreign nationals could also take the opportunity of the one-month visa-free trip with Singapore on 8 June to enter into effect in December," he said. Tour De Myanmar CEO Daw Hla Darli Khin said even seasoned travel companies could get into difficulties. "Even if a travel agency carries out back-office audits of its clients, such issues can arise," she said, and added that the Department of Commerce should take action against counterfeit operatives that are facilitating the trade in people.

Examining the list of clients who have departed the state against those who have come back, the Department was able to track down "fake" travel agents who discredited the state. In June this year, the Department of Hotels and Tourism said it granted 227 travel agency operation permits from more than 2000 travel operators in the state.

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