Thraralgon is a city in the east of the Latrobe Valley in the Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia. Located east of Morwell, Traralgon is the largest city in the Latrobe Valley, home to most of Victoria's power generation facilities. sspan class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit] The Traralgon (local) is a town in the eastern Latrobe Valley in the Gippsland area of Victoria, Australia. Traralgon's municipal populace at the 2016 count was 25,485. 1 ] It is the biggest and most rapidly expanding town in the greater Latrobe Valley area, with 74,170 inhabitants in June 2016[2] and managed by the town of Latrobe.

The Traralgon area was first populated by Europeans in the 1840' s, shortly after it was discovered by Count Pawe? Strzelecki on his way back from the Snowy Mountains, where he called the highest summit of Australia, Mount Kosciuszko. Because of the relatively high precipitation in the Latrobe valley, the country is very fruitful and agriculture was quickly built up.

The Melbourne railroad was finished in 1877 with a train at Traralgon, which gave the city a great deal of commercial impetus. The Traralgon was part of the territory managed by the Rosedale Roads Board before the county of Traralgon was founded in 1879. The Shire expanded strongly in the second half of the nineteenth cent.

However, it was not until the 1930s that Traralgon began to move away from an agriculturally oriented industry. Australian papermakers founded a papermaking plant in Maryvale, about 8 kilometers from Traralgon, in 1936. Traralgon's most celebrated son Sir Macfarlane Burnet was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine in 1960.

Traralgon founded his own district, Traralgon County, in 1961, after a decades of advocacy to divide the Traralgon metropolitan areas from the Shire. In 1964 Traralgon was declared a town. Traralgon and the county of Traralgon maintained a distinct presence until they were merged in the county of Latrobe in 1994.

Loy Yang's plant completions, large scale volunteer exits from the electric utility sector and the privatization of the viktorian electric utility sector in the early 90s had a disastrous impact on the Latrobe Valley economies. Traralgon, with a more diverse economic base, was less affected than the neighboring cities of Morwell and Moe, both of which depended almost entirely on generating capacity for their livelihoods.

The Traralgon is located on extensive lowlands in the Traralgon Creek Valley basin between the Great Dividing Ranges in the northern part and the Strzelecki Mountains in the southern part. Traralgon Creek passes through the downtown area and its lush vegetation divides the suburbs to the east and west. The Traralgon is part of the Latrobe Valley metropolitan area, a small industrial and farming area that divides it from neighboring Morwell.

Together with neighbouring Morwell, Traralgon will form an area with an expected 41,333 inhabitants in June 2016. In the ten years to 2016, the city area recorded a moderate increase in demographic of 9.4%. The larger Traralgon comprises locations such as Traralgon, the Traralgon East outskirts and the relatively thinly inhabited Hazelwood and Traralgon Southern satellites and Tyers and Glengarry to the northern.

Traralgon County is located around Seymour and Franklin Streets and comprises an interior retail centre - Stockland Traralgon, but trade and small industries extend along most of the east side of the Princes Highway. First and foremost, the economies are powered by primarily indigenous industries, as well as indigenous sources and auxiliary industries, which include hard coal mines, mineral oil production and electricity generation[9] for the national electricity market.

In addition to generating power, Traralgon profits from the extraction of crude oils and gas in the neighbouring Bass Strait wells. At Traralgon there are a number of elementary and middle education establishments, among them state, Roman and independent ones. Locally located elementary education includes Grey Street Elementary School (formerly Traralgon Elementary School), Kosciuszko Street Elementary School, Liddiard Road Elementary School, Stockdale Road Elementary School, St Michaels Elementary School, St Gabriels Elementary School, Flinders Christian Community College (FCCC) and St Pauls Anglican Gymnasium.

The Flinders Christian Community College and St. Paul's Anglican Gymnasium are also secondaries. Traralgon also has the Latrobe Special Developmental College, which is aimed at pupils aged between 4.5 and 18 with mental and bodily disabilities. Traralgon College, the municipal state college, has two campsites, the Liddiard Rd in Traralgon's eastern district, and the Grey St in Traralgon's western district.

There' s also a grammar college, the Lavalla Cathedral College. The Lavalla has two campsites in the west end of Traralgon and a third in Newborough, Moe. St. Paul's is adjacent to the Traralgon College Grey St. College Seniors Campsite. Kildare is situated at Kosciuszko St. Flinders Christian Community College (FCCC) on Liddiard Rd and is a P-12 class.

Several Traralgon Kids also sent their kids to the three separate local English secondary gymnasiums, two of which are about 40 min by car from Traralgon: St. Paul's English Gymnasium, which has a Traralgon and Warragul campuses and Gippsland Gymnasium in Sale.

The Traralgon is a 15 minute car ride from the Gippsland Campus of Federation University Australia, situated in the neighboring city of Churchill. The Traralgon facility also hosts one of several locations for the region's TAFE supplier, Federation Training. Traralgon Maroons (who briefly started in the Victorian Football League between 1996 and 1997), which currently started in the Gippsland Football League and Traralgon-Tyers United in the North Gippsland Football League.

It also has a Juniors Division, Traralgon and District Juniors Football Division, with most matches playing from the West End Sporting Complex. It is also famous for its cricket, with a community football club run by the Traralgon and District Cricket Association (TDCA). Football is loved by two Gippsland Families of the Gippsland Football Leagues - Traralgon Olympians and Traralgon City.

The Traralgon Brasketball Association is a regional sports association with a sports ground in the Traralgon Sports Complex. In the Traralgon Sports Stage, preliminaries of the Basel tournament took place during the Commonwealth Games 2006 in Melbourne. Traralgon Harriers is a 5 or 6 kilometre run every Thursday evening and also organises Victoria's oldest run, the Traralgon Marchathon, which takes place every June.

Latrobe Valley Cycling Clubs hosts street and street races during most of the year. The Traralgon Pistol and Traralgon Small Gauge Gun clubs are also based in the city and have sound memberships in both of them. In the Latrobe Valley, the three major channels (Seven, Nine and Ten) are all reproduced by their local subsidiaries Prime7 (Seven), WIN Television and Nine Traralgon.

Wind Television delivers a 30-minute weekend breaking week-end programme locally broadcasted by WIN's Wollongong Studio and Southern Cross, in partnership with Nine New, will produce a one-hour breaking hour breaking week-end programme that combines Melbourne Studio reports of Melbourne's region, nation and internationally and will air weekends throughout the Traralgon region at 6pm. The most Melbourne ducts (Seven, Nine and Ten) can also be digitally picked up in Traralgon with a proper rooftop antenne.

There are new programmes available to audiences in Traralgon and the Gippsland/Latrobe Valley regions via the Freeview (Australia) services, transmitted by the above mentioned business network in conjunction with the above mentioned one. Broadcasting in the Latrobe Valley also includes the two main domestic state-owned stations, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (including ABC1, ABC2, ABC3 and ABC News 24) and the Special Broadcasting Services (including SBS One and SBS Two).

It has two radios with Traralgon studio - TRFM and Gold 1242, both belonging to Ace Radios. The majority of channels broadcast by Australia Broadcasting Corporation are local and available in Traralgon, as is 774 ABC Melbourne, which can be directly accessed from Melbourne. 14 ] The Princes Highway passes through the municipality and near the CBD, which receives a lot of local transport (although a Traralgon Bypass Route is planned[15]).

Hyland Highway also begins in Traralgon. The Latrobe Valley Buslines provide connections around Traralgon and other Latrobe Valley towns. The Latrobe Valley Airport is situated near Traralgon in Morwell and offers general air travel. At Traralgon we have a minimum cycling infra-structure with few separate cycling installations. Traralgon is connected to Stratford via Cowwarr, Heyfield, Tinamba and Maffra by the 63 kilometre Gippsland Plains Rail Trail.

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