Transport from Yangon Airport to City Centre

Yangon airport to city center

Inspect shuttle buses and underground trains at Yangon International Airport. Yangon Airport bus stop is located at the intersection of Yangon Airport Road and Radio Station Road. Practical information about Yangon Transport including Yangon taxis, buses, trains and other useful facts. It is Myanmar's largest city and traffic infrastructure is good for the main roads, but still the small side roads are uneven. The Bogyoke Market is located in the center of.

There is a fee for the transport from and to.....

Do I have to pay for transport from and to the airport? Hi, we're talking an airport cab rates are sensible, just make sure you have the accurate modification, if not when you get to the airport, ask for alternate.

On your arrival, you can ask the concierge to book a cab for you, he will be very useful. I' m sorry, I didn't use the hotel's services. There was a driver waiting for me with a notice at the airport entrance. I' m paying 6,000 kyats for the work.

Finally we used this auto-services for most of our trips in Yangon, Bago & Golden Rock. Pays between 8000-9000 CZK (June 2017) for a single fare to/from Yangon Airport to Esperado Hotel. So, we took an airport cab that was less expensive. I' d just take a cab from the airport, there's many.

Top 5 Yangon Airport & Ground Transfers Tours (w/prices)

Eliminate long cab routes and mass transit with this hassle-free door-to-door transport from Yangon International Airport..... From Yangon to the airport by your own vehicle and back. It is a personal shuttle to Ngwe Saung Beach. The journey from Yangon to Ngwe Saung lasts about six hours.

Returning to Yangon, visiting the manufacture of umbrellas..... The Ngwe Saung is a seaside town 48 km western of Pathein, Ayeyarwady region, Myanmar. It is 5 hrs by car from the capital Yangon. Book your journey in anticipation and begin your Yangon holiday without worries.

Take advantage of this house-to-house shuttle with convenience and security and avoid long cab rides..... Make an appointment in advanced and begin your journey in Kuala Lumpur without worries. Take advantage of this personal door-to-door transport with convenience and security and prevent long..... Booking this joint airport pickup in Yangon avoids long queues and the trouble with your luggage at the airport.

Booking your own departures transfers and travelling from your accommodation to Yangon International Airport. These one-sided door-to-door services are available for.....

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