Transport from Yangon Airport to City

Yangon airport to city transportation

Is there the best route from the airport to downtown Yangon? In Myanmar (formerly Burma), Yangon Yangon is the largest city. By taxi from Yangon airport to the city. What is the cost of a taxi from Yangon Airport to downtown? There is currently no public bus from Yangon International Airport to the city.

Top 10 Yangon Transfers & Ground Transport Tours (w/prices)

Eliminate long cab routes and mass transit with this hassle-free door-to-door transport from Yangon International Airport..... From Yangon's Pansodan Street by boat, you' ll be visiting Dala City and the way of living of the local population while we are cycling. It is a personal shuttle to Ngwe Saung Beach.

The journey from Yangon to Ngwe Saung takes about six hours. Returning to Yangon, visiting the manufacture of umbrellas..... Booking this joint airport pickup in Yangon avoids long queues and the trouble with your luggage at the airport.

Driving through Yangon by cab

The Yangon taxi is still one of the best offers in Asia, even if the driver does not use a counter. A lot of riders at least some English (although it is wise for someone to spell your travel destinations in Burmese), and they are usually sincere and polite, although some aliens will ask for higher rates.

Each of the licenced cabs has a visual taxicab label on the rooftop. This should give you an impression of what you have to pay: a quick jump (e.g. from the beach to Bogyoke Market) will be K 1500; twice the way will be K 2000; from the city centre to Shwedagon Paya and the south half of the Bahan Townships will be K 3000, according to the state of the road; from the city centre to the Inya Lake area will be K 4000.

Between the city centre and both stations, the driver asks for the driver's license for the 7000 and the journey lasts 45 min to onehr. You should reckon with 40,000 to 50,000 K for the whole days, dependent on the qualitiy of the car and your dexterity. After 11 pm or so, long distance cabs require more because there are fewer of them on the road.

Best value cab in Yangon - cheap local transport

To get a taxicab in Yangon you have to pick up a taxicab from the curb. The one thing I have to agree with you is that Yangon has plenty of cabs and they are not overpriced. However, most riders only spoke a little English and do not use taximeters, so you need to be ready to negotiate with them before departure.

It' s quite usual for overseas visitors to pay twice the price for the same journey that a locals would have charged if you hailed a cab off the curb and didn't use Burmese. The deterioration of the Yangon transport situation and the surplus of cabs can lead some ruthless riders to try to fleec unaware travellers who do not fix the price in advance. Here are some examples.

We recommend for the first touristic arrival at Yangon Airport to use the offical taxicab desk near the customs office in the arrival hall, where they provide a fixed-price cab rate with reservation receipts for the cab drivers who will take you to most of Yangon airports according to an itinerary.

Since the beginning of 2017 there are currently two Myanmar taxis hail service, one is Hello Cab (Hello Ride), the other is Oway Ride. They can be downloaded from the Apple Retail Store or Google Play. It is recommended that travellers use the hail taxis applications as the fares are set by an algorithms and the taxis continuously check each other's prices and as a traveller you don't have to negotiate in Burmese to get the best prices.

And the best cab application we've ever tried is Oway Ride. It will give you an estimate of the price of the trip you have made. Because of the missing postcode in Yangon itself - at some point the rider may have trouble locating you in a part of the city where the streets are crowded, jammed and a one-way drive.

The majority of people do not speak English well, so communicating can be a challenge, especially if you are alone and you have just taken a cab through the application and the cab calls you to ask for directions. On the basis of our investigations of 6 cab journeys in Yangon from 31 July 2017 to 8 August 2017, Oway Ride is still the least expensive cab ride in Yangon at the time we were measuring the cab-rate for all 4 cab-hail-apts.

Please see the table below for the overall costs of using the 4 cab-hail applications of 6 journeys within Yangon City: So I suggest you try the Oway, Grab & Uber applications in Yangon. We believe that Grab & Uber will take many of the seasoned Oway and Hello riders with them through better sign-up bonuses and incentive programs.

Both Uber and Grab have a lot of money and can subsidize the trip for at least 6 month to gain new markets. Now, with the push of a single key on your app, a cab will appear in front of you in 5 minutes and there is no need to bargain in Burmese to get the best value!

This is an amelioration for all of us who live and work in Yangon.

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