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This is the most popular Spanish translation website in the world. We are sorry, but we will no longer support Translate. Translating | Defining Translating at Transforming Spanish from one to another or from a different locale to another: translating the Spanish into another; changing the shape, state, environment, etc.

; transforming; transforming: translating desires into actions. explaining into words that are easier to understand; interpreting. carrying, carrying or moving from one place, location, etc. to another; translating.

Mechanical. to cause (a body) to move without rotating or shifting angles, depending on the translational motion. Computer. to transform (a programme, files, code, etc.) from one forms to another: to compile a Fortraan programme into an assembleranguage. Math: to do a mathematical conversion (a lot, functions, etc.). to expose the value of (a currency) in a strange money by using the monetary value. to raise in mental or emotive frenzy; to rapture. ver (used without object), trans-lat-ed, trans-lat-ing. to make a conversion available or to do; to act as a translator:

It is not easy to interpret the Grecian term into English. I asked him, laughing, to interpret the comment, which he did with a grin. It was actually abused; but what were we to interpret the sentence? One must apologize for the effort to "translate the untranslatable". There have been several efforts to turn this idea into a real one. v. c. 1300, "to move from one place to another", also "to turn from one place to another", from translation into Roman translation, which as a past participation of translationre "transfer, transfer" (see transfer), from trans- (see trans-) + lao "carried, carried", from *tlatos, from PIE-root *tel-, *tol- "carry, transfer" (see extol).

Translates; translates. There is a similar term behind the old Anglophone term that replaces it, abbreviated by wenendan "to turn, direct" (see wend). v. Rendering in another world. In order to translate sRNA. The American Heritage® Stedman's Medical Dictionary Copyright © 2002, 2001, 1995 par Houghton Mifflin Company.

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