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Translated from Dutch into English by Van iepehout with synonyms, definitions and related words. Af Afrikaans <> English online translation. The Afrikaans <

> English dictionary, monolingual Afrikaans dictionary and other resources for the African language. Translate Dutch English, free online translator. gett Van Der Meer, Midlaren, Netherlands.

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Show results for ir a. Vas a ir a la fiista el s√°bado? Are you going to the bash on Saturday? You have to go to school before it's finished later.

I water the garden when the sun goes down.

Transcription from Van carp in Spanisch German to Spain

We' re going to have to go and get the van for tomorrow's move... He' my father is a mechanical engineer, and he keeps all his equipment in his car. We' ve chosen to hire a van to transport the pianos.

Daniel-gaby travel around Mexico in a van. I' ve got my bicycle in the guard's car. Vessels in the van then opened fire. In the van of the new Estos Artistes Created a la vangguardia el neevo mouvement.

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a document. Stay here to read the document from weBladsy. Stay here to see the WEB BLADSY. We don't have time to see what happened. Trial asheblief other êertipes. We never get a chance for you to go with me if you don't want to.

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English Glossary - Van Dale Pocket Dictionary: Translate between English and German, check your German orthography, hear the spoken words and read samples on the App Store.

This Van Dale English-Dutch/Dutch-English pocket dictionary allows you to perform a fast searching, how to translate a term, how to spell it or how to use it. It is particularly suitable for use at schools and on holiday, with accurate translation and application cases. The Van Dale Dictionary is intended for Dutch-speaking people.

Make the most of this Van Dale Pocket Glossary by using its smart features: - Type, insert, write an dictation (from version 8.2 on) your word: All input modes are available. We''ll resume the scan when you touch a single item name. - You can use the Microsoft Office trainer to learn a foreign tongue.

  • This is a languge that is not only spelled but also talked about. Pronunciations of words in English and German are spelled in phonetic typology and you can also hear the proper pronunciations of many English words. In this way, you often do not have to enter an integer number. - Turn the lexicon around: Perform a full text lookup to find words and samples in items.
  • Uncertain how a term is spelled? - Fill in one of the words and we will show you the root of it. You' ll also find useful plans with words in the description of words. - Use placeholders instead of characters or look for diagrams. In this way you can look with even more results and have a useful help for jigsaw and pun.
  • Find one or more words directly from Safari or the buffer (from within Apple iPhone 8). - Van Dale applications are universally applicable, so they work on iPhone, iPad and iPodouch. Van Dale uses accuracy and consideration to describe the Dutch as thoroughly as possible, not only in Dutch but also in English.

There is no need for an online session and the fact that you can enter the exact notation of the searched term and find what you want is reasonably priced. /This is the thing that really amazes me is that if you have found the term that you want and you look through all the different instances of how this term can be used, if there is a term that you don't know that you can contact it and it takes you to this one.

I' m using it to study Netherlandish language while I' m still having my own physics one! I' m using iOS's speech selection function to sort the words for me, because there is no sound for them, but in this application, and only this one, it' running at top speeds, too quickly.... So I have to use phonetics to find out how to pronounce words in the Netherlands, or enter a term in another application and use speech selection to hear the speech there.

Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod dock.

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