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For this page there is no information why translation of van at Merriam-Webster's Spanish-English Dictionary. Translated from English into Dutch with synonyms, definitions and related words. taalregeling van het Gerecht en de discriminatie van rekwirant auf grond van. Thinking along with you in your complex questions about the globalization of your product or service. Oswald Wenckebach.

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Dozens of cop cars were expecting her as always. A 23-year-old, who was not called by the cops, drove a sporty vehicle that crashed into a delivery van on the other side of the city. Beetty May Hall drove a cab with a black cab and followed her husband's Toyota.

The spokesman said two bandits came up to the operator of a safety car carrying the money, forcing him to the floor and tying his hand. Then the pick-up operator opened the driver's side of the vehicle and swung a gun. Next day the band was arrested when they loaded the booty into a robbed van.

One man with a bonnet came near an unmanned empty van and shot in two guns. Cops are chasing the van cabbie looking for some witness. A hostile assault on an armored car containing tens of thousand of dollars was thwarted by the Indonesian government's unarmed patrol. The intruder was bothered by a van chauffeur, but he got away.

The safety was so worrying that the seven accused were brought to justice in an armored van escorted by motorcycle rioters. Yesterday evening a group of nine scene commanders were sent in a darkened window car to raid the couple's house. They were arriving at the stop with a robbed car.

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